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Here's How WebMD Transitioned to Microservices While Remaining HITRUST Compliant

by Olivia Glenn-Han, on Aug 6, 2019 2:30:00 PM

WebMD, the online health services giant, decided to stay cutting edge and make the move to microservices. But the new team faced a huge problem: no automated installation scripts existed.
In the short term, a new DevOps team needed agents on their machines to run scripts automatically. Long term, it wanted to build an immutable infrastructure from scratch. And if that wasn't already challenging enough, it needed to do all of it while maintaining WebMD’s HITRUST certification.
BuildMaster helped the team transform the monolith of one of the world's leading health information services companies. Today, WebMD uses microservices with automated deployments while remaining in compliance with the strict consumer data protections of federal law.
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