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Top Cloud Monitoring and Management Software Tools

by Marisa Vesel, on Dec 19, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Cloud monitoring and managementools help evaluate the entire infrastructure by reporting on performance, issues, and costs to provide visibility to organizations. It’s crucial to fully understanding how your infrastructure is working. 

If you are considering adopting or switching to a new tool, here’s a list of the best options to consider. 

logos of cloud monitoring and management software tools

BMC Cloud Operations Management 

BMC Cloud Operations Management is a cloud operations management solution that works to enforce security while optimizing public cloud cost.  


  • Proactively manages CloudOps by utilizing predictive insights  
  • Provides multi-cloud visibility across various cloud solution providers, accounts, and services 
  • Automates cloud security posture management and cloud cost optimization 


LogicMonitor is an all-encompassing platform that offers automated hybrid infrastructure for monitoring and analytics. LogicMonitor also utilizes SaaS architecture to deploy applications quicker and with no hardware.   


  • Offers powerful visibility into an organization’s entire infrastructure, with insights and intelligence for daily operations and business strategy 
  • Over 1000 pre-built monitoring templates provide end-to-end monitoring coverage  
  • Allows data to be presented clearly in a variety of ways; including charts, graphs, and tables 

Rackspace Cloud Monitoring 

Rackspace Cloud Monitoring is an enterprise-grade solution that powerfully monitors globally distributed applications to ensure the most comprehensive view of an organization’s infrastructure. 


  • Provides real-time alerts to notify immediately when an environment needs attention 
  • Provides continuous monitoring, even if there’s an outage, to ensure events are processed and notifications are sent 
  • Allows data collection, threshold criteria, and notification alerts to be flexibly configured 

Amazon CloudWatch 

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Amazon CloudWatch is a tool created to help those involved in the development process better monitor and observe their resources and applications on AWS.  


  • Offers automatic collection of default metrics from more than 70 AWS services to help organizations gain full visibility into their resources and infrastructure 
  • Improves operational performance and resource optimization by allowing alarms to be set and actions to be automated based on predefined thresholds  
  • Allows metrics and logs to be graphed side by side in a single dashboard in order to help organizations quickly diagnose problems and understand the root cause 


MultCloud is a tool used to help organizations transfer and manage multiple cloud files with one application.  


  • Allows data to be easily transferred from one cloud to another through a simple “Copy & Paste” function 
  • Offers multi-server parallel transmission to help organizations transfer, sync, and backup data simultaneously across clouds 
  • Helps organizations “expand” their free online by allowing multiple cloud storage services to be integrated together 

Flexera Cloud Management 

Flexera Cloud Management is a platform that provides organizations the capabilities for discovery, template-based provisioning, automation, operational monitoring & management, and governance across multiple public and private clouds.  


  • Leverages reusable blueprints to orchestrate infrastructure and services across all of an organization’s clouds  
  • Discovery automation of all cloud resources makes sure nothing falls through the cracks 
  • Reports on misconfigured networks, unsecured data storage, or non-compliant resources to help organizations avoid security holes 


AppFormix eliminates potential issues and renders operations in a simpler and more effective way by providing end-to-end visibility in an organization’s multi-cloud environment.  


  • Automatic issue detection means you can quickly fix problems to pursue your business goals  
  • Offers real-time monitoring and analytics of DevOps and cloud-native environments 
  • Transforms raw data from resources into an easy-to-read format through monitoring and intent-based analytics 


Retrace is a solution that helps organizations improve their application quality and accelerate performance.  


  • Provides application performance monitoring by identifying bottlenecks and their effects on web requests 
  • Gathers code-level insights on application’s health by using lightweight profiling to capture critical details  
  • Identifies bugs during development and QA and ensure deployments are monitored 


Metricly is a platform for AWS cloud that helps organizations optimize their cloud costs. 


  • Provides multi-conditional alerting to ensure bottlenecks are identified and the cloud environment is healthy with maximized up-time  
  • Utilizes a single platform to show idle resource reports, detailed billing analysis, and sizing & reservation recommendations  
  • Measures the size of your resources to “match capacity to workload so you never overpay or underestimate the cloud capacity you need 


Cloudcraft is a tool to help organizations easily visualize their AWS cloud architecture. 


  • Allows a user to click any component of their cloud architecture map to easily see the configuration and cost 
  • Encourages collaboration by allowing documentation to be added directly to diagrams and AWS resources 
  • Creates living architectures with real-time health and status information for components  


Riverbed offers SteelCentral Aternity, a tool used to monitor the end-user experience and rapidly diagnoses and resolves end-user issues.  


  • UX monitoring keeps an eye on over-licensed and on underused software so you spend money only in the most effective places 
  • Automatically generates a baseline for each metric and immediately detects and notifies of any deviation from this baseline 
  • Works to close the “visibility gap” by providing accurate and real-time information about what users are experiencing and how they are interacting with their applications  


ScienceLogic provides monitoring, app management, and automation capabilities all within a single platform.  


  • Connects an organizations ecosystem by integrating and sharing data across technologies  
  • Provides organizations context into the relationships between infrastructure, applications, and business  
  • Discovers private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud resources and automatically establishes dependency mapping  

ManageEngine Applications Manager 

ManageEngine Applications Manager is a server and application monitoring solution that provides total visibility, from the URL to the line of code.  


  • Provides multi-lingual support in German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Hungarian  
  • Manages SLAs by monitoring the availability and performance of mission critical business applications  
  • Identifies anomalies in performance by comparing against a baseline performance metric, provides resolutions in an instant 

ServiceNow Cloud Management 

ServiceNow Cloud Management accelerates an organization’s cloud strategy by improving cloud utilization, driving down cost, automating requests, and aiding in approval and governance of the infrastructure. 


  • Provides a transparent view of usage and provider spending which helps reduce resource costs and leads to continuous improvements  
  • Streamlined via native self-provisioning support across multiple cloud-provider specific templates
  • Provides a dashboard with centralized details on application services, compute utilization, and data usage to give insight into public cloud spending  


An open-source solution, Prometheus supports over ten languages and integrates with many third-party data. 


  • PromQL” feature defines alerts and notifications go out fast so issues can be resolved quickly 
  • Supports a variety of working and learning styles on your teams through its data visualization 
  • Easy to scale, so Prometheus can grow with your business 

Cisco CloudCenter 

Cisco CloudCenter is a tool organizations use to help securely deploy and manage applications in their cloud environments.  


  • Offers a single platform for automating deployments in both cloud and data center environments  
  • Reduces risks associated with a multi-cloud strategy by having access control and permission features 
  • Optimizes costs by automatically using the right instance size in order to avoid paying for unnecessary services 


Abiquo is a hybrid cloud management system to help organizations use one console to visualize, manage, and automate all their clouds.  


  • Provides complete control over the cloud by offering over 50 roles and access privileges 
  • Offers both scheduled and on-demand reporting, as well as graphical representations of data for easy consumption by clients and team members 
  • Allows all tasks to be automated through a powerful API  


AppDynamics is a powerful performance monitoring solution that helps organizations connect application performance with customer experience to achieve business outcomes.  


  • Offers a visual platform for organizations to understand how their cloud applications impact their business 
  • Maximizes the visibility and control of cloud applications by easily integrating with popular IaaS and PaaS platforms
  • Updates cloud application performance in real-time so organizations receive the most up-to-date and deepest insights 


Bitium helps modern organizations unleash the full potential of their cloud computing.  


  • Offers dynamic app management; restricting app access by various users and groups as well as allowing app administration to be delegated outside the IT department 
  • Provides in-depth reporting by tracking who accessed an app, from where, what time, and more to help make audits a breeze 
  • Minimizes security risks and protects data by offering one-click deprovisioning to immediately off-board leaving employees  

Cloud Lifecycle Management 

Cloud Lifecycle Management from BMC is a cloud management platform that automated provisioning and governance to ensure secure cloud services.  


  • Easily integrates with DevOps tools for Continuous Delivery of new cloud services 
  • Ensures compliance and accelerates audit response time by automatically remediating and recording any issues  
  • Manage budget and prevent downtime with targeted cloud service performance management  


CloudFront, from Amazon, is a content delivery network (CDN) that helps organizations securely deliver their data, applications, and APIs to customers.  


  • Offers 200 points of presence (PoPsto ensure superior performance and availability for end-users 
  • Robust API Provides developers let’s developers create, configure, and maintain CloudFront distributions  
  • When integrated with AWS origins, organizations do not have to pay to transfer data between those services and CloudFront  


CloudHealth by VMWare helps organizations analyze and manage their cloud through one platform. 


  • Provides insightful reports on cloud usage, cost, and performance to show how departments and teams are utilizing budget and resources within a multi-cloud strategy 
  • Allows organizations to customize security policies to best meet the needs of their company and clients 
  • Reduces costs by uncovering hidden costs and monitoring & reporting on increases in spend to help drive impactful changes 


Cloudify is an open-source tool that enhances mitigation success through multi-cloud orchestration capabilities.  


  • Creates reusable blueprints to help organizations bring together new and existing infrastructure, networking, and security tools 
  • Automates the governance of cloud and network resources through access control and multi-tenancy  
  • Uses Agile methodologies and helps organizations deliver high-quality applications faster by reducing human configuration and security errors  


CloudMonix is a cloud and on-premise monitoring and automation tool that helps organizations maximize their cloud resources through easy on-boarding, multi-customer support, and automation. 


  • Allows organizations to script common responses to production issues so automated recovery can trigger when a problem occurs 
  • Uses one dashboard to help organizations visualize all their systems and gain insights into performance, status, and issues  
  • Provides system-wide visibility across an entire DevOps toolchain to reduce errors and ensure reliability  


DataDog is a tool used to provide organization visibility by providing analytics for servers, clouds, and apps all in one place. 


  • Offers end-to-end user experience visibility by monitoring user journeys and proactively monitoring user experience 
  • Includes full API access to help organizations capture events and metrics from applications 
  • Makes troubleshooting easier by allowing log data to be easily searched, filtered, and analyzed 


Dynatrace is an AI-powered cloud monitoring platform, providing modules for application performance, cloud infrastructure, digital experience, digital analytics, and AIOps 


  • Fully understands all relationships and dependencies within an application in order to analyze dependencies to explain what went wrong and why  
  • Provides visibility into all applications and infrastructures without blind-spots 
  • Uses AI-engine, Davis, to provide dependency detection, anomaly detection, and root causes of issues 

Exoprise CloudReady Monitor 

Exoprise is a cloud monitoring tool that helps organizations detect problems before end-users to ensure the most customer satisfaction.  


  • Monitors SaaS services such as Office 365, GSuite, and Salesforce to help troubleshoot, detect outages, and guarantee compliance 
  • Sensors can be deployed behind a firewall or out in the cloud depending on the organizations needs
  • Provides performance monitoring for DNS, remote servers, and web site availability  

IBM Cloud Orchestrator 

IBM Cloud Orchestrator is a cloud management platform that provided a single, self-service, interface to enable organizations to configure, provision, monitor, and secure their environments. 


  • Monitors cloud environment health and performance, as well as virtual and physical infrastructure, to help organizations adhere to stringent service level agreements  
  • Automates cloud configuration, provisioning, and deployment through ready-to-use patterns and content packs 


Morpheus is a multi-cloud management platform where CloudOps meets DevOps, offering hybrid cloud agility. 


  • Allows organizations the ability to create hybrid IT app instances through provision services and multi-tier apps  
  • Offers native logging, monitoring, and backup with the ability to integrate with third-party tools to enhance capabilities  
  • Provides the ability to extend orchestration to the full infrastructure stack by auto-populating existing cloud networks that can be configured for Static IP or DHCP 


Reliam is a cloud optimization tool to help organizations get the most out of AWS.  


  • Aligns infrastructure with performance requirements to eliminate over-provisioning of resources 
  • Contextualizes spending by tracking spending against KPIs and placing controls around spending to proactively catch unanticipated spikes  
  • Integrates with the latest tools to improve performance without increasing costs  

Stack Driver 

Stack Driver is a monitoring and management tool for services, containers, applications, and infrastructure. 


  • Single-view cloud account metrics, logs, and metadata 
  • Offers customizable dashboards for cloud and open-source applications to provide custom visualization to meet an organization’s needs 
  • Features error reporting to analyze and aggregate errors and notify necessary personnel within the cloud 

Sumo Logic 

Sumo Logic is a cloud-native platform used to help organizations make data-driven decisions and easily resolve security and operational issues.  


  • Provides full visibility through a customizable dashboard with logs, metrics, and performance data 
  • Provides 24/7 monitoring and immediate alerts of any issues 
  • Encourages collaboration by providing sharable dashboards, searches, and reports while maintaining security through access-based control  


Sysdig is a cloud-native tool used to embed security, compliance, and performance into an organization’s existing DevOps workflows.  


  • Offers the platform both on the cloud or on-premise to best meet an organization’s regulatory requirements 
  • Provides a unified system that drives security, monitoring, and forensics to decrease the strain on management 
  • Features app that provide a complete overview of the performance, health, and risks in infrastructure and isolates issues for faster resolution 


VMWare offers a Cloud Management Platform to help organizations manage their multi-cloud environments. 


  • Automates provisioning and maintenance of resources to help organizations better understand their components relationships 
  • Provides in-depth reporting and analytics 
  • Offers a choice of consumption (through API, Catalog, or CLI) to provision infrastructure and application resources 


Wrike is a tool used to encourage collaboration and project manage across business teams, all in the cloud. 


  • Customize dashboards to prioritize tasks and keep goals in sight, helping encourage organization in project management 
  • Prioritizes security of servers by having manned data centers with power backup systems and biometric authentication systems across the US and EU 
  • Provides visibility into a project with interactive reports and scheduled notifications  


Zabbix is an open-source tool providing network, server, cloud, application, and services monitoring.  


  • Helps organizations scale as needed, building distributed monitoring solutions while keeping centralized control  
  • Provides access to all Zabbix functionality from external applications through usage of Zabbix API  
  • Automates monitoring of dynamic environments through network and low-level discovery 

Zenoss Cloud Monitoring 

Zenoss Cloud Monitoring provides visibility for all public and private cloud resources, as well as hybrid IT monitoring. 


  • Monitors deployments across several public cloud platforms and provides metrics for cloud entities to show how failures impact service delivery 
  • Offers multi-cloud monitoring to help organizations contextualize how critical workflows are performing 
  • End-to-end IT platform monitoring safeguards consistency across clouds platforms and technologies  

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