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Top 14 Best Hybrid Cloud Tools

by Marisa Vesel, on Dec 26, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Hybrid cloud tools help organizations manage their complex environments. Many organizations have data on public clouds, private clouds, and even virtual machines. Hybrid cloud tools help organizations manage all their infrastructure components in one place, optimizing costs and resources while increasing productivity.

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1. Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft Azure offers a hybrid cloud application solution in order to maximize developer productivity by allowing them to build and deploy their applications as normal, on the Azure public cloud and on-premise Azure Stack.  


  • Offers hybrid connectivity to provide communication between the Azure public cloud and on the on-premise Azure Stack
  • Provides hybrid CI/CD through a consistent set of tools and processes across the Azure public cloud and on the on-premise Azure Stack
  • Offers a unified view of security on-premises, on the Azure public cloud, and on other clouds through one centralized dashboard to modernize security operations

2. Amazon Web Services

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Amazon Web Services offers a hybrid cloud to provide a consistent experience across AWS and other on-premises environments.


  • Offers AWS Outposts for a true hybrid experience include co-location, on-prem, data centers, and AWS services themselves.
  • Provides encrypted data capabilities along with support for 89 security standard and compliance certifications to ensure a secure and compliant hybrid cloud architecture
  • Leverages a broad range of services, from computing, storage, data integration, monitoring, and more, to help organizations meet their specific use-cases and requirements

3. VMWare

VMWare offers a set of cloud-based tools to help users extend, protect, and integrate their on-premises infrastructure.


  • Allows users to tun, manage, connect, and secure applications across multiple-clouds with a common operating environment
  • Helps users manage their entire workload in one environment; accelerating time to marketing, managing costs, and ensuring security
  • Offers visibility into an organization’s infrastructure for better insight on how resources are being used

4. Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform offers flexible and scalable hybrid cloud management that works with organizations existing technology.


  • Creates a hybrid infrastructure by supporting Google Cloud VM migration partners, open source software packages, and proprietary software packages, to bring existing applications to the platform
  • Utilizes Stackdriver to provide a single viewpoint into metrics, logs, and metadata across all platforms; acting as a hybrid management platform
  • Helps monitor consumption, boost software release velocity, and reduce costs through reusability by supporting hybrid applications

5. RackConnect

RackConnect helps organizations connect dedicated servers to their fully managed cloud in order to provide more effective performance and increase security.


  • Offers VMware-based private cloud and high-speed dedicated storage to be a highly available solution for complicated configurations
  • Ensures protection and security of data through a dedicated hardware firewall
  • Helps organizations achieve multi-cloud scalability by building a network of preferred clouds

6. Dell EMC

Dell Technologies Cloud is powered by VMWare to provide a consistent hybrid approach to a multi-cloud network.


  • Eliminates operational overhead by making it easy to communicate across service management, governance, security, automation and orchestration tools.
  • Provides support for over 4200 cloud providers in 120 countries, delivering industry-specific offerings and application stacks
  • Offers a single vendor support experience to streamline roadmap development, migrations, and upgrade paths

7. IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud provides organizations with the infrastructure they need to build or modernize applications on a public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises IT.


  • Offers an integrated environment that supports integration technologies and multi-cloud management
  • Allows for applications to be built, deployed, and operated on which ever environment they run best
  • Offers cloud migration to bring existing apps and data to the cloud while providing benefits such as speed, scalability, and security

8. CloudBolt

CloudBolt is a hybrid cloud management platform that helps organization centralize workload automation and orchestration, while providing hybrid cloud visibility and cost-savings.


  • Offers insightful dashboards to provide full visibility into an organization’s multi-cloud infrastructure to help encourage better decision making
  • Helps organizations cut down on costs by identifying expensive systems or usage outliers by user and environment
  • Provides freedom to utilize clouds preferred by the organization to avoid vendor lock-in and allow one blueprint to be used for multi-cloud management

9. Cisco Cloud Center

Cisco Cloud Center is a platform used to securely deploy and manage applications across multiple environments, including data centers, private clouds, and public clouds.


  • Offers multicloud policies that provide control into which users have which positions in certain environments
  • Automate cloud and in-house deployments with a single platform
  • Optimizes costs be ensuring organizations avoid paying for services that don’t add business value by allowing workflows to be scaled, suspended, or deleted

10. DivvyCloud

DivvyCloud is a platform that provides continuous security and compliance for major cloud and container environments while protecting them from misconfigurations, policy violations, threats, and IAM challenges.


  • Provides unified visibility into the security and compliance status of all clouds and containers
  • Utilizes CSP services to identify and prioritize potential threats and provides automatic remediation
  • Offers an extensible and customizable platform through plug-ins and bidirectional APIs

11. RedHat Hybrid Cloud

RedHat’s Hybrid Cloud helps organizations bring their applications and workloads together across public and private clouds, bare-metal servers, and virtualized infrastructure.


  • Offers container support by ensuring containers can be built, deployed, and managed uniformly across environments
  • Provides easy integration with major public cloud vendors to add the portability and flexibility of the public cloud into existing infrastructure
  • Combines with other RedHat solutions to create a unique experience for each organization in order to best meet their needs and requirements

12. Abiquo Hybrid Cloud

Abiquo Hybrid Cloud is a platform used by organizations to see all their clouds in one place.


  • Provides security by offering multi-cloud, multi-tenant management in order to control user access to various cloud resources
  • Offers API functionality in order to automate and control all business process, such as finance, support, monitoring, and CMDB
  • Helps organizations optimize spending by providing deep insights into cost of software licenses and usage of virtual machine templates

13. Cloudability

Cloudability is a cloud management platform focusing on providing visibility into and optimization of cloud resources.


  • Optimizes cloud spend by identifying unused resources and establish correct instance size
  • Allocates cloud spend across business units, products, cost centers, and roles to provide operations with the ability to optimize resources
  • Offers full visibility into your clouds through insightful dashboards and reports, custom view capabilities, and business mapping

14. Scalr

Scalr is a hybrid cloud management platform designed that emphasizes security, cost, and productivity.


  • Provides infrastructure templates to make building applications quicker and easier while maximizing speed and productivity in the cloud
  • Optimizes costs by turning insights from financial reports into cost solutions
  • Allows policies to be customized based on user roles and access environments to maintain the security and integrity of data

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