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Top 12 Infrastructure as Code (Iac) Tools in 2021

by Marisa Vesel, on Sep 25, 2019 11:40:00 AM

Infrastructure as Code (Iac) is the process of automatically managing and provisioning technology through source code for an application rather than through manually configuring discrete hardware devices and operating systems.

IaC is important because it helps automate the infrastructure deployment process in a repeatable and consistent manner. Benefits of IaC include speed and simplicity, configuration consistency, and the minimization of risk.

Here is a list of the top IaC tools currently on the market.

diagram depicting infrastructure as code

( R )?ex

( R )?ex is an open-sourced deployment and configuration management tool used to simplify system administration and datacenter automation.


  • Automates repeatable tasks to save time and frustration
  • Easy to learn by using Perl
  • Uses shh and is an agentless tool

AWS CloudFormation

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AWS CloudFormation is a modeling and provisioning tool for all cloud infrastructure resources.


  • Provides a common language to describe and provision all infrastructure resources in a cloud environment
  • Provisions resources in a repeatable manner so infrastructure and applications can be built and rebuilt, without performing manual actions or writing custom scripts
  • Allows infrastructure to be treated as code, authoring it with any code editor and checking into any version control

Azure Resource Manager

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Azure Resource Manager is a deployment and management service created to work with other Azure services.


  • Allows resources to be deployed, managed, and monitored as a group rather than individually
  • Natively integrates Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) into the management platform so users are able to apply access control to all services in a resource group
  • Manages infrastructure through declarative templates rather than scripts



CFEngine is an IT infrastructure tool that allows for the automation of essential large-scale infrastructure of any complexity while maintaining speed, security, stability, and scalability.


  • Allows users to define the desired state and configuration of IT infrastructure while CFEngine ensures compliance
  • Available as both open-source and commercial software
  • Automatically releases updates and chances to your infrastructure; no matter the number of nodes
  • Utilizes autonomous agents to monitor nodes and ensure they are in the desired state

Chef Effortless Infrastucture Suite

Chef Effortless Infrastructure Suite helps codify infrastructure. It facilitates the detection of issues in pre-production environments, and provides full security and compliance visibility at every stage.


  • Helps organizations avoid costly security issues by testing for security and compliance early on in the development process to fix problems easily and inexpensively
  • Detects noncompliance and configuration drift across infrastructure and ensures servers return to their desired state
  • Automates configuration defined in code, embeds security tests in the delivery process, and automates across heterogeneous infrastructure

Google Cloud Deployment Manager

Google Cloud Deployment Manager is a tool used to create and manage cloud resources within simple templates. It allows resources needed for applications to be specified in a declarative format using yaml.


  • Allows for resources to be added, deleted, or changed in the deployment
  • Utilizes a declarative language approach so users specify what the configuration should be and let the system figure out the rest
  • Offers parallel deployments of many resources at one time
  • Controls the order of resource creation and creates definition dependencies between resources


JUJU is a deployment tool that helps organizations simplify the scaling, configuration, and operation of their complex software.  


  • Allows scripts to be bundled in order to easily deploy chunks of infrastructure at once 
  • Deploys to private or public clouds  
  • Provides reusable and repeatable workloads to configure open-source software 
  • Provides 24/7 monitoring and alerting to give you an available and secure tool  


Otter is a tool from the Inedo Suite of DevOps products that allows organizations to provision their servers and manage configuration.  


  • Continuously monitors servers for configuration changes and reports when there is configuration drift, offering a variety of solutions for remediation  
  • Allows users to define reusable sets of configuration (roles) and scale infrastructure by assigning rules to any number of servers 
  • Provides restrictive access by allowing permission to be granted to any user or group to the exact server or infrastructure needed while easily maintaining compliance and security on high value servers 


Puppet Enterprise is a suite of tools used to enforce, secure, and delivery your infrastructure and applications quickly, easily, and at scale.


  • Automates infrastructure provisioning in order to ensure applications are adhering to security and compliance policies
  • Assesses impact of code changes prior to deployment to ensure nothing out of the ordinary will occur
  • Offers a large community of developers who have created modules that help extend the capabilities of the tools


SaltStack features a suite of tools that can be utilized to provide automation and orchestration across entire teams.  


  • Automatically detect issues with event triggers and force a return to the desired state 
  • Increases reliability and enhances resources by ensuring critical systems are properly configured at all times 
  • Offers a simple solution for provisioning, deploying, and configuring infrastructures on any platform in order to have infrastructure running faster 


Terraform is a tool from HashiCorp that allows users to write, plan, and create Infrastructure as Code.


  • Tracks the complete history of infrastructure versions and automates anything that can be codified
  • Allows the same configurations to be utilized in multiple environments to reduce mistakes and save time
  • Capable of creating resources across all major infrastructure providers


Vagrant is a tool that provides a unified workflow no matter your role to help make development environments easy.


  • Works across multiple platforms to encourage users to continue to use their favorite editors and programs
  • Mirrors production environments to help enforce consistency during the development lifecycle and identify and fix bugs before being sent to production
  • Provides an identical and easy workflow across roles and leverages a declarative configuration file that contains all development information

IaC Minimizes Risk and Increases Speed

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