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Simplified & Secured Containers - Webinar on April 1

by Olivia Glenn-Han, on Mar 20, 2020 1:57:29 PM

The Inedo team is excited to invite you to our BuildMaster 6.2 Containers webinar on April 1st, 2020, at 3PM EST. 

Containers are an immensely popular development method. But they are extremely complex to build, maintain, and organize and even harder to secure. With public base images, tangled dependency trees, and undisciplined or unreadable tags, containers can present even more problems than they end up solving. 

BuildMaster 6.2 includes two distinctive application templates for containers that:  

  • let you use containers while maintaining the strictest compliance standards
  • offer environment parity
  • semantically version containers 
  • and more! 

Join Product Engineer Rich and Content Creator Lauren as they explain and demo BuildMaster’s container templates and show how you can bring environmental rigor, compliance, and versioning to container deployment. 

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