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Level Up Your PowerShell with ProGet

by Crista Perlton, on Aug 9, 2021 11:00:00 AM

Your PowerShell scripts can be working harder for you.

Here’s one thing you can do to instantly get more out of your PowerShell scripts with ProGet for free.

Level Up Your Powershell

Create your Own Private Repository

In less than 15 minutes, you could already be publishing your PowerShell modules to your own repository. Using a private repository:

  • Increases control without limiting self-service
  • Ensures better quality for public PowerShell modules
  • Enables unfettered access to the PowerShell Gallery with storage and caching

Step 1: Install ProGet

Download ProGet, which will install the lightweight Inedo Hub. Depending on your Internet connection, you can have ProGet installed in as little as two minutes. Don’t have a license key? Let ProGet know when you install, and you’ll be prompted to create one after installation. And don't worry about extra costs: you can create as many PowerShell feeds as you want in the free-forever version of ProGet.

Step 2A: Create a “Private” or “Validated” PowerShell Feed 

Navigate to “Feeds” and add a new PowerShell feed. Name it and select “Private” or “Validated.” Once you click, “Create Feed,” you can upload your PowerShell modules to your heart’s content.


Not sure how (or why) to create your own PowerShell modules? Check out this tutorial.

Step 2B: Create a "Public" PowerShell Feed

Navigate to “Feeds” and add a new PowerShell feed. Name it and select “Public/Open Source.”


Step 3B: Add a Connector to the PowerShell Gallery in Your “Public” Feed

ProGet will then prompt you to add a connector. You can either use the provided one or select your own, copied from the PowerShell Gallery.


This will populate the feed with PowerShell modules from the Gallery, appearing in ProGet as if they had been uploaded locally.

It’s that easy! Take things to the next level by configuring security and access controls, vulnerability scanning, and more—all designed to keep your PowerShell modules both safe and accessible.

How To Escape PowerShell Module Hell

Level Up with ProGet

Using ProGet levels up your PowerShell usage. Increase control without limiting self-service, ensure better quality for public PowerShell modules, and enable unfettered access to the PowerShell Gallery with storage and caching for free with ProGet.
Your PowerShell scripts are industrious and hard-working assets for your company but you can still be getting more out of them with ProGet.

ProGet has a free forever version available to download here that offers everything your team needs to take your PowerShell experience to the next level.

Level Up With ProGet: Inedo Docs


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