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How Will the .NET 5 Migration Impact You? Survey

by The Inedo Team, on Aug 26, 2020 11:26:00 AM

Microsoft's .NET 5 is coming, and unlike past updates, it will not bring WF, WCF, or Web Forms with it.

How will the migration to .NET 5 affect you?

We created a seven-question survey designed to identify concerns about the .NET 5 migration:

Take the 1-minute Survey

All of the questions are optional, and any information you provide us will help us share the most relevant parts of our .NET 5 migration journey with you.

That's right: Inedo is migrating too, and we'll be documenting our journey publicly to help others. We will be sharing our successes (and failures), along with any tips and tricks we find along the way. Keep an eye on our newsletters, blog, website, and social channels (we may even do a webinar) as we chronicle our journey to .NET 5.

Letting us know how the migration will impact you helps us provide the content you're looking for!

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