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July 2019 CEO Ask Me Anything YouTube Videos Now Available

by Lauren Camacci, on Aug 13, 2019 10:00:00 AM

At InedoCon 2019, Inedo CEO Alex Papadimoulis and COO Mike Goulis held an informal Ask Me Anything (or AMA) session. Inspired by the fantastic questions customers and users asked, Alex and Mike launched Inedo’s AMA series in July 2019 and received a great customer response.

These AMA sessions don’t just benefit customers; they’re a great benefit to us, too. Customer and user engagement, feedback, and requests have always been a driving force behind Inedo’s roadmap. After the InedoCon Ask Me Anything, we immediately added new things to our strategic plans, directly in response to customer questions and feedback.

We decided to make the AMA sessions part of our “regular programming.” The first formal Ask Me Anything session was a set of two customer webinars, one at 10AM EST (2PM GMT) and one at 7PM EST (11PM GMT) so customers from around the globe could attend. During each session, Alex and Mike addressed many excellent customer questions and offered advice on technical and cultural DevOps issues.

We want this Ask Me Anything series to benefit all users of Inedo’s product suite, so we’ve launched a new section of our YouTube channel dedicated to the AMA series. Just a few of the dozens of topics covered were:

In order to prioritize customer needs, we’re limiting attendance and questions to users with paid licenses.  However, we’ll regularly update our YouTube channel after each Ask Me Anything session, so make sure to subscribe. Customers, get your questions ready, because we’ve already scheduled the next customer AMAs in the series for late August 2019 (registration details will come via email soon)!


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