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Jenkins Alternatives for Continuous Integration

by Marisa Vesel, on Nov 14, 2019 11:30:00 AM

Jenkins is an open-source automation server that provides hundreds of plugins to increase its capabilities as a Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment tool. While Jenkins has been a popular tool for many years, it just doesn’t fit for all organizations.

There are several reasons why an organization may be looking for an alternative to Jenkins, such as support, ease-of-use, or stronger abilities in a certain category.

We have gathered several of the top alternatives to Jenkins (presented in no particular order) to help you better understand available options.

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Inedo created BuildMaster, a CI/CD tool that allows users to release their software reliably, to any environment, at whatever pace business demands. Obviously we like this one... because it's ours! But don't just take our word for it.


  • Allows organizations to build a self-service release management platform, giving different teams the ability to manage their own applications and deploy to their own environments
  • Also features fully-functional continuous integration capabilities for a variety of platforms
  • Establishes automated gates to guard against the shipping of untested software into later stages of the delivery pipeline when they could have been caught earlier

Learn more about how BuildMaster integrates with popular CI servers.


Looking for how to integrate TeamCity with BuildMaster? It's right here.

TeamCity is a CI and Continuous Deployment server known for its ease-of-use and $0 price tag.


  • Allows a build to be automatically tested before code changes are committed
  • Offers flexible user management such as assigning user-roles, options for user authentication, and a comprehensive log of user actions
  • Integrates with key DevOps tools such as Docker, Jira, NuGet, and VCS hosting services

Octopus Deploy

Octopus Deploy is a CD tool used to easily orchestrate releases and deployments of applications, on premise or on the cloud.


  • Easily and reliably deploys to even the most complex network topologies, such as servers behind a firewall or accessible only over proxy
  • Offers multi-tenant deployments so multiple copies of the same application can be deployed for each end-customer
  • Features advanced deployment options such as rolling, blue/green, and canary


GitLab is a cloud-native CI tool that helps organizations better manage their complex toolchains, speed, and security.


  • Helps teams design, develop, and securely manage code from a single distributed version control system
  • Easily build artifacts, manage containers, and package applications and dependencies
  • Shortens the delivery lifecycle, streamlines manual processes, and accelerates team velocity to automate the release and delivery of applications automates software testing and delivery as a self-service CD platform.


  • Executes each pipeline step inside an isolated Docker container that is automatically downloaded at run-time
  • Integrates with any source code manager, supports multiple operating system, and works with any language
  • Automatic scaling via a single binary installation


AppVeyor is an open-source CI solution for Windows and Linux. AppVeyor is also available as a self-hosted solution and helps organizations build, test, and deploy applications faster.


  • Offers two scopes for adding projects from GitHub or BitBucket: exclusively public repositories or private and public repositories
  • Supports development workflows through branch and PR builds
  • Provides an isolated and clean build environment for every build


GoCD is a free and open-source CI/CD server that helps organizations easily model and visual complex workflows.


  • Easily configures dependencies for quick feedback and on-demand deployment by utilizing parallel and sequential execution
  • Increases reliability of pushing to production and helps empower QA teams by offering easy rollback to any successful version of an application
  • Allows pipeline configurations to be reused in order to make managing pipelines for versions and branches easy


Buddy is an open-source tool to help organizations deploy their applications with an average time of 12 seconds. Buddy is also offered as an on-premise solution.


  • Offers 46x more frequent deployments compared to workflows with no automation
  • Offers customizable and reusable build and test environments
  • Allows special trigger conditions to be defined, such as executing changes on a pathway or in a repository

AWS CodePipeline

Looking for how to integrate AWS with BuildMaster? It's right here.

AWS CodePipeline is a Continuous Delivery (CD) service to help organizations release updates quickly and reliably.


  • Customize steps required to deploy an application and its dependencies
  • Increases workflow speeds by offering parallel execution for build, test, and deployment actions
  • Provides access control to manage who can make changes to release workflows and who has control


Bamboo is a CI/CD and Continuous Deployment tool offered by Atlassian. Bamboo works to tie automated builds, tests, and releases together in a single workflow.


  • Runs automated tests in parallel to increase the cadence of agile development and catches bugs easier and faster
  • Features world-class integrations with other Atlassian products such as Jira Software, Bitbucket, and Fisheye
  • Allows organizations to create multi-build plans, set commits triggers, and assign agents where needed


TravisCI is an open-source testing and deployment tool.


  • Tests all pull requests to ensure no project is merged before successfully passing tests
  • Easy to setup by simply logging in through GitHub and TravisCI
  • Comes with pre-installed databases and services that can easily be enabled in build configuration


CircleCI is a cloud-native CI tool that oversees the setup, security, and maintenance of instances.


  • Provides an interactive dashboard to provide critical insights on builds, including most failed builds, slowest tests, and more
  • Offers unmatched security with LDAP for user management, audit logging, and virtual machine isolation
  • Provides automatic upgrades and instance access to feature releases, reducing the need for maintenance


Buildkite is an open-source platform for running CI pipelines that are fast, secure, and scalable.


CloudBees CodeShip

CloudBees CodeShip helps organizations ship their applications faster with CI/CD as a Service.


  • Supports all types of applications from monoliths to microservices
  • Provides parallel pipelines to eliminate queues and wait time and optimize speed to increase pipeline performance
  • Offers repo-driven workflows to trigger automated tests every time a change is pushed to a repository

IBM UrbanCode

IBM UrbanCode is a CI/CD and release management tool to help organizations deliver better software faster.


  • Establishes dependency management by providing high-performance reports to understand the state of unit test coverage
  • Drag and drop editor makes it easy to create and test automation for parallel, sequential and looping processes
  • Creates a reusable “lifecycle” template to help describe the path of a build through the development and testing phases

Semaphore CI

Semaphore CI is a CI/CD platform to help organizations build, test, and deliver applications without managing servers.


  • Runs jobs in isolated environments, accessible via SSH, to ensure there are no servers to manage
  • Can be used as a natural extension to an organizations workflow: starting builds, inspecting logs, creating custom dashboards, all from the comfort of the original workflow
  • Automates dependency management, control flow switches, stages, and execution of any continuous delivery pipeline

Investigate Alternatives

Jenkins is a trusted tool in many shops. But it isn't the only CI tool out there. Working to continuously improve your shop means experimenting with different tools that can help you do your work better, faster, and more reliably. Don't lose your edge on the competition by avoiding innovation and relying on tradition.

Inedo DevOps tools maximize developer time, minimize release risk, and empower stakeholders to bring their vision to life faster. All with the people and technology you have right now. To get help streamlining your CI/CD processes, contact


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