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Join us for InedoCon 2019

by Scott Reece, on Jan 24, 2019 12:30:00 PM

A two-day event focused on the automation journey for enterprises.

Over the years, our users have expressed interest in an opportunity to gather in one place to learn, network, and exchange ideas as a community. On May 22nd and 23rd, 2019, we will host our first inaugural user conference, InedoCon 2019, a two-day event focused on the automation journey for enterprises. Mark your calendars and plan to join us in Portland, Oregon!

InedoCon 2019 will feature two tracks: technical & cultural, and organizational. Join the Inedo community to dive deeper into discussions about continuous delivery, infrastructure automation, and packaging. You'll also learn from Inedo engineers and trainers at hands-on certification workshops and more!

Featured speakers

At InedoCon 2019, you'll have the opportunity to learn from engineers and managers who are leading their companies in Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery, infrastructure automation, and microservice packaging while using Inedo's tool suite in combination with NuGet, PowerShell, Chocolatey, Docker, Jenkins, and more.

Here's a peek of some of the speakers who will be featured at InedoCon 2019:

  • Alex Papadimoulis: Founder and CEO of Inedo, who's overseen countless successful (and unsuccessful) DevOps and automation journeys across different enterprises.
  • Jody Dorchester: Senior partner with Ronin Software Inc, and Technical Team lead driving Automation and Monitoring for government organizations.
  • Greg Divis: Inedo: "Reliable, self-service application & component delivery with universal packages." Learn how to simplify your complex, multi-component architectures using universal packages and feeds.
  • Jeffery Hackert: Supergroup: "Is DevOps Still a Thing?" Hear Jeffery's experience working with Riot Games, Chef, Soylent, and other companies who have helped shape the goals, tooling, and the culture that we collectively call DevOps.
  • Aaron Jensen: WebMD Health Services: "The Enterprise Automation Journey." Get the story of a true transformation: from manual, protracted, error-prone processes to a CI/CD pipeline across dozens of microservices and a legacy monolithic application.

Get Certified

Hands-on workshops and certifications are an important part of a user conference experience. We want to provide attendees with the same certification experience we offer clients in our on-site training.

At InedoCon 2019, we're offering the 101-level certification for both ProGet and BuildMaster, as well as the 201-level certification for advanced users of BuildMaster.

These courses are developed and taught by experts and will help you take your team's skills to the next level.

Take a look at the course descriptions below.

ProGet 101: Essentials and Advanced Feed Management

Audience: Operations, Release Engineer / DevOps Team

Students will learn why public package managers cannot be used for distributing internal packages or libraries. We will walk through the features available within ProGet and build a first feed with ProGet. In the second half, students will work through several advanced level features of ProGet. Features include package promotion, retention policies, vulnerability assessment and testing, license filtering, multi-site feed replication, and multiple feeds.

BuildMaster 101: Fundamentals

Audience: Developers, Release Engineers, Ops, QA, Managers

Students will learn about the pains of software deployments without automated tools. BuildMaster comes to the rescue by giving development teams an efficient system for implementing automated builds. In this lesson, you will walk through the fundamentals of using BuildMaster.

BuildMaster 201: Pipelines

Audience: Developers, Release Engineers, Ops, QA, Managers

Prerequisite: "BuildMaster 101: Fundamentals"

Students will go more in-depth into how a BuildMaster pipeline works. Topics include stages, approvals, deployment windows, variables, and more. At the end of this module, you should be comfortable designing a pipeline end-to-end.

We can’t wait to see you in May!


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