Webinar: CI/CD on Self-Hosted Docker Made Simple with BuildMaster


The Inedo Team

The Inedo Team


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Webinar: CI/CD on Self-Hosted Docker Made Simple with BuildMaster

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Docker adoption continues to grow, and for good reason.

Containers offer improved portability, easier scalability, enhanced isolation, and simplified deployment and management processes. But with that comes several challenges, especially when you self-host Docker:

  • Docker skills are required, but have a steep learning curve
  • Container image architecture is complex and unintuitive
  • Nearly everything requires mastering CLI commands
  • Hosting private container images with CI/CD is challenging

BuildMaster and ProGet can help.

Join Founder & CEO Alex Papadimoulis on September 13, 2023 (11AM EDT) Watch the webinar recording to learn about best practices and techniques for implementing CI/CD pipelines for Docker.

  • Self-hosted Docker can be much easier than many think
  • Containerizing Applications without requiring everyone to use Docker
  • CI/CD pipeline considerations for containerized applications
  • Simple, no-code Deployments of your Docker containers across environments
  • Effectively Managing Runtime Configuration
  • Restricting access to view and edit secrets for your containers