ProGet 5.3 Has Been Released


Crista Perlton

Crista Perlton


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ProGet 5.3 Has Been Released

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ProGet 5.3 was fully released earlier this month and is now the default version for new ProGet downloads. This update has many new features to support containers and improves many existing elements of ProGet, like the UI. 

ProGet 5.3 as Your Private Container Registry

Containers are an important part of our roadmap. Both BuildMaster 6.2 and ProGet 5.3 focus on making container support a first-class feature, which means it’ll be that much easier to meet your container goals with our products.

ProGet 5.3 includes: 
  • Container Vulnerability Scanning will automatically scan your Docker container images against vulnerability databases and let you manage vulnerabilities you discover
  • Semantic Versioning for Container Images lets you eliminate the confusion of inconsistent and constantly changing tags for your container images 
  • Enhanced Container Layer Visibility lets you see which layers make up a container image and which commands were used to build each layer.
  • Container Usage see where your containers images are actually used across your infrastructure by scanning servers or Kubernetes instances 
  • And many more UI improvements, including Helm chart visibility

ProGet 5.3’s New Look 

We are always trying to make our products as easy to use as possible, and thanks to your feedback, we’ve greatly improved not only the look but also the out-of-the-box experience.

ProGet 5.3 new package overview and feed management pages are not only cleaner but also include lots of helpful tips, best practices, and warnings to help you get the most out of ProGet. 

We also added NuGet JSON-LD (v3) API support. Another highly requested feature, you can now work with your NuGet feeds using both the ODATA (v2) and JSON-LD (v3) API endpoints.

You can read about all this and more on the ProGet 5.3 Overview page. Before upgrading, please make sure to read the upgrade notes to prepare for the update. 

ProGet Free users: don’t forget, that you can always claim a free trial of ProGet through MyInedo to get 30 days with some of the paid features you don’t have access to.

Crista Perlton

Crista Perlton