Helpdesk Hell, or Why Inedo’s Support is Different


Crista Perlton

Crista Perlton


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Helpdesk Hell, or Why Inedo’s Support is Different

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Having to seek help from an organization’s “support” can feel like a trip to “Helpdesk Hell.” These interactions too often end in frustration and wasted time. (And even those staffing the helpdesk often complain of receiving ridiculous tickets.)

Regularly undervalued, underpaid, and overworked, the helpdesk is a role that most IT workers aspire to leave ASAP. And with limited authority, helpdesk staff are often left with no option but to pass customers off to another source for help.

Inedo’s support is totally different. We get you expert support to solve your problem fast because our “helpdesk agents” are the very engineers creating and maintaining our products.

How Helpdesk Hell Happens

Helpdesk Hell is the result of bureaucracy combined with silos. In many organizations, the helpdesk is entirely separate from other IT staff. By cordoning the helpdesk off from the rest of IT and limiting their authority to a bare minimum, the helpdesk staff is set up for failure, and the customers who seek their help are destined for frustration. Imagine opening a support ticket with the helpdesk, only to have that ticket assigned to you to fix. It’s an embarrassing mistake resulting from bureaucracy and silos.

Inedo Support: A Different Type of Helpdesk

While it can be resource-heavy, cross-training is Inedo’s answer to breaking free from Helpdesk Hell.

We focus on cross-training all members of staff. For example, all Marketing staff are cross-trained on our CI/CD tools. We realized that marketing something without understanding it leads to embarrassing factual errors and lower-quality content. Instead, we choose to rely on our tools, BuildMaster, ProGet, and Otter, which were designed with the minimally trained user in mind. I (a content writer) was cross-trained on them, which is why you can see me breezing through package promotion in ProGet or firing up BuildMaster and deploying an application in just minutes.

In that same spirit, we cross-train our engineers for support. Inedo support is provided by the very engineers who create and maintain our products.  As part of our cultural philosophy of Chōwa, we chose to reject what’s “normal” in favor of what’s best: The too-common idea that engineers are “too good” to provide support results in poor support interactions on both ends of the chat window. And it’s not that we’ve simply taught our engineers to provide support; they take pride knowing helping other engineers use our products better.

This means that, when customers submit a ticket to Inedo, help comes from someone who can go immediately into the tool and fix a bug you found. And when you contribute to Forums, a highly trained engineer is behind the “support staff” job title you see in the reply. At Inedo, your solution is a matter of a few hours (sometimes minutes) and absolutely zero waste-of-time, frustrating interactions in Helpdesk Hell.

Crista Perlton

Crista Perlton