First-class Docker Support in BuildMaster 6.2


Crista Perlton

Crista Perlton


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First-class Docker Support in BuildMaster 6.2

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Containerized development is more popular today than ever before: Containers isolate processes and encapsulate dependencies, adding security to your applications, and more. But they are very complicated to build and maintain. Many-layered and complex, container proficiency takes a long time to achieve. And the nature of base images is such that a single security issue or change makes the container redundant, leaving you no choice but to destroy it and rebuild it all over again. 

Inedo wanted to simplify the process of containerized development, so first-class Docker support was a major focus of the 6.2 release of BuildMaster AND of the forthcoming ProGet 5.3.

Even better, BuildMaster 6.2’s application container templates make it easy for even a Docker novice to create a functioning, compliant container in mere minutes. BuildMaster facilitates learning containers by making them: The ease and effectiveness of these templates mean businesses don’t have to wait for a worker to learn the ins and outs of Docker to get business value from containers in development. 

Members of the Inedo team hosted a webinar to show how BuildMaster 6.2 changes the container game by separating the base and application containers and by using ProGet to support multiple registries for added security and compliance. You can watch the webinar video here

For step-by-step instructions on containerized development with BuildMaster 6.2, check out the tutorial

Take advantage of BuildMaster 6.2’s first-class Docker support today: 

Note: If you already have an earlier version of BuildMaster installed, visit the “Administration” page in your BuildMaster instance to access the upgrade checklist. Moving to BuildMaster 6.2 is a big change, and we want to make sure you have all your “ducks in a row” before updating!

Crista Perlton

Crista Perlton