Cluster Management in ProGet


Crista Perlton

Crista Perlton


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Cluster Management in ProGet

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Starting in version 5.3.16, ProGet now includes cluster management. This enhancement makes it even easier to manage the servers in your load-balanced, high-availability ProGet Enterprise cluster.

Server Clusters in ProGet

A server cluster is a prerequisite for load balancing and high availability, two of the core features of ProGet Enterprise. Simply, a cluster is a configuration of two or more servers intended to work together for Enterprise features.

You can configure ProGet as a server cluster over any number of servers (by default, an Enterprise license allows up to five servers per instance), but three are a minimum for those planning to use HA and load balancing together.

Cluster Management

An overview of your ProGet cluster is visible via Settings > Administration Overview. Clicking “More Info” takes you to the Cluster Management page.

On the Cluster Management page, you’ll see two tables: Cluster Configuration and Servers in Cluster.

The Cluster Configuration table includes links to manage load balancing and automatic failover. (In this image, these features have not been configured and thus read “Disabled.”) Clicking “configure” allows you to set the heartbeat (in seconds) and stale timer (in minutes) for your high availability mode.

The Servers in Cluster table gives you at-a-glance information on the health and verification of each server. If everything is all right, the text will be green and accompanied by a check mark. Warnings will be indicated in orange (accompanied by a warning symbol) and problems in red.

We created the Cluster Management page to make ProGet even easier to manage, especially for those requiring constant uptime.

This enhancement is included only in ProGet Enterprise.

Crista Perlton

Crista Perlton