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Inedo Participates in Scrumfest Osaka

by 佐藤 翔, Sho Sato, on Jun 24, 2020 8:04:28 AM

Inedo CEO Alex Papadimoulis and marketing manager Sho Sato will be participating in the Scrum Festival Osaka, which will be held online from June 26-27 (Friday to Saturday). Inedo is part of the "DevOpsDays Tokyo - Kick Off Meeting for 2021."


Scrum Festival Osaka is a major event featuring 20 tracks and a total of nearly 100 sessions. You can take advantage of it being held online, opening the conference to various places in Japan and other conferences as sponsoring communities.

Inedo members will participate in the public conference provided by DevOpsDays Tokyo, which we are participating as an operating member. The Kick-Off meeting for DevOpsDays Tokyo 2021 will be held publicly.

Tickets for Scrum Festival Osaka are currently on sale.

What is Scrum Fest Osaka?

Scrum Fest Osaka is a place for learning from various people from different positions, from beginners to experts of Scrum, user companies to development companies. Over the course of the two days, participants can share their knowledge and passion about Scrum and Agile practices, as well as discuss issues with the experts they meet here. Make sure to register!

Official site: 

Scrum Fest Osaka 2020 is the first and largest online Scrum conference with 19 communities from all over the country and about 100 sessions. People who practice various practices such as Scrum gather from all over the country. Details will be announced sequentially on

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