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Offline Installation for the Inedo Hub

by Olivia Glenn-Han, on Jun 19, 2020 10:00:00 AM

A few years back, we upgraded our single-tool installer to the Inedo Hub, a "one-stop shop" for installing, upgrading, downgrading, and servicing all of Inedo's products, BuildMaster, ProGet, and Otter. It is a huge improvement over the traditional, single-product, single-version installer.

But a lot of our users have infrastructure that needs to stay 100% off the Internet, whether for security or for compliance reasons. Until last week, those needing to do an offline installation had to use the older, slower traditional installer. We wanted to change that.

Now, you can make an offline installation experience for the Inedo Hub in just a few minutes. We wanted to give offline users the same good experience with the Inedo Hub everyone else has —just another example of how Inedo's products are regularly update to meet customer support requests.

How-to: Offline Installation for the Inedo Hub

Simply download and run the Inedo Hub on your workstation. You don't need to install anything; just select "Create Offline Installer," pick the product(s) you want, copy to (for example) a USB, and your Inedo install is ready to run on your desired offline machine.


You can choose any single product, multiple versions of a product, or multiple products—the choice is yours, because the Offline Installer doesn't limit downloads.

Note: The Offline Install instructions get you the Inedo Hub on your offline machine, but it cannot install SQL. If your machine does not have SQL already on it, you'll have to add it separately. 

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