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DevOps Issue Tracking Tools

by Nikki Gannon, on Oct 18, 2019 12:00:00 PM

DevOps issue tracking tools allow you to keep track of the changes that occur in your CI/CD pipelines. Below, we look at some of the most popular tools available and provide a breakdown of the features of each, as well as links to the documentation where you can learn more.

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1. Mantis Bug Tracker

Mantis Bug Tracker is an open-source issue tracker. It’s commonly used to track software defects, but it can also be used as a project management tool.

Mantis Bug Tracker clears up issues quickly and simply. Teams that use the tool can maintain control of their business without worrying about bugs.


  • A variety of plugins can extend the tools functionality
  • Customizable issues pages, notifications, and workflow that fit a team’s needs
  • Built-in reporting allows you to analyze and track issues to remediate appropriately


2. WhiteSource Bolt

* Looking for how to integrate WhiteSource Bolt with ProGet? It's right here.

WhiteSource Bolt is a free, open-source tool that helps increase security for teams. The tool helps by honing in on security issues so they can be corrected as soon as possible.

The most attractive component is that it allows teams to receive real-time alerts that show their security vulnerabilities. It then provides fix suggestions.


  • Supports over 200 programming languages
  • Teams can use up to five scans per day to check for issues
  • Public and private repositories can be scanned


3. Snort

Snort is an open-source DevOps issue tracker protects your systems from intruders and attacks. The tool is a widely deployed intrusion prevention platform.

Snort is a powerful tool that can analyze information in real-time to detect issues quickly and efficiently. The tool is also capable of flagging aggressive attacks so that users are aware of and can handle attacks efficiently and effectively.


  • Detect and flag different types of attacks so you can keep your systems safe
  • Perform analyses on your systems to ensure that they are up to protocol
  • Analyses also provide attack detection so you can maintain security


4. OverOps

OverOps merges machine learning and continuous code analysis into test and production. This helps teams know when their applications break due to code changes.

OverOps automatically tracks when code breaks and provides information as to why. Based on the information the tool provides, teams can fix issues and eliminate bad code.


  • Identify and eliminate abnormalities within testing and production
  • Scoring on releases provides teams with the ability to evaluate their code reliability
  • Utilize regression reports to prevent the promotion of bad code and resolve issues before they reach customers


5. Code Climate

Code Climate provides an analysis to show the health of your code from start to finish. This gives teams the ability to locate any issues and resolve them efficiently.

With this code analysis, teams can see issues within a line of code and resolve the issue. This enables better coding practices that result in fewer errors and bugs.


  • Automated code review to show the health of your code
  • Easily integrate into any workflow
  • Easily build and maintain your code


6. Zendesk

Zendesk support management platform that eases the process of prioritizing tasks to effectively interact with customers. Zendesk offers an extensive set of features that teams can use to get the most out of the platform.

This tool offers a variety of features such as integrated customer support. With these key features, teams can easily connect with their customers via web or mobile channels.


  • Visibility to Service Level Agreements to easily check on status and avoid breaches
  • Multiple features to gain full customizability
  • Ability to utilize ticket forms to fully support customers


7. Kanboard

Kanboard is a Kanban project management software that helps teams visualize and focus on their work. The tool’s drag-and-drop feature allows users to manage project tasks to complete project deadlines on time.

Kanboard has a simple, minimalist interface for users. Teams can use the tool to gain full visibility into their projects and their status.


  • Drag and drop tasks between columns to stay on track with projects
  • Limit work-in-progress to be more efficient
  • Search and filter tasks to easily locate what you need


8. Trello

Trello is a team collaboration tool that visually organizes and prioritizes projects. The tool’s functionality allows you to visually see tasks visually and gain information on its details, comments, attachments, and due dates.

Trello is used by a variety of teams to complete projects. With a similar layout as a Kanban board, the tool’s layout is visually appealing. The tool also integrates with applications that your team already uses.


  • Integrates with applications your team already uses
  • Utilize Sync to collaborate from anywhere with your teams
  • Flexibility to use the tools features in a way that fits your team’s needs


9. Trac

Trac is an issue tracking system specializing in software development projects. The tool is known for its minimalist approach to project management.

Trac offers its users an open-source tool to manage their projects. Teams that use Trac can easily track the progress of things like feature requests and issues to make sure projects are moving efficiently and safely.


  • Lightweight and open sourcing provide flexibility for teams
  • Easily view projects and manage project issues as they arise
  • Multiple repositories can be connected to view your code online


10. Taiga

Taiga’s project management platform is one designed for Agile developers. The tool provides a simple user interface that is fully customizable to fit a team’s needs.


  • Fully customizable so teams can collaborate on projects
  • Integrates with tools you currently use
  • Issue monitoring so you can detect and resolve issues quickly


11. Bugzilla

Bugzilla is a popular issue tracker that is free and open-source. The tool gives developers the ability to keep track of outstanding bugs in their product.

The benefit of this tool is that it is completely free. Users get the full functionality of the tool without the expense of vendor fees.


  • Advanced search capabilities to find bugs and resolve issues quickly
  • Scheduled reports so you can see data and find bugs
  • Customize workflows for your code and issue tracking


12. nTask

nTask is an online issue tracking software that can help any team, especially agile developers and product managers to track the bugs and issues in one place. The application enables users to log the issues, set due dates, give priority, classify them and share it with the whole team to keep everyone in the loop.

It is equipped with time tracking and project management features that help managing and reporting issues in a productive manner.


  • Intuitive project planning and resource management
  • Integration with third party tools
  • Create and assign issues to team members
  • Different views available such as Gantt view, list view, Kanban view, grid view and Calendar view


13. Wrike

Wrike’s project management and collaboration platform helps teams streamline their workflows to focus on key tasks. Teams that use Wrike can easily manage deadlines, schedules, processes, and other tasks using this tool.


  • Gain structure and flexibility for projects using the platform
  • Create custom workflows that create a clear picture of how work will progress
  • Increase collaboration with visual feedback and updated task descriptions


14. YouTrack

* Looking for how to integrate YouTrack with BuildMaster? It's right here.

YouTrack is a tool created by JetBrains that tracks issues for agile development teams. This gives teams the ability to collaborate more efficiently.

YouTrack can track tasks, bugs, sprints, releases, create workflows, and much more. Teams can use this tool and tailor it specifically to their practices and needs.


  • Quickly track and manage issues once they are reported
  • Use visually appealing Agile boards to see the status of a project and related tasks
  • Use various reports to analyze and manage projects


15. ServiceNow

ServiceNow specializes in IT service management based on ITIL standards. The tool transforms manual processes into digital workflows to speed up business functions. By digitizing workflows, teams can increase the rate at which they deliver software and decrease costs.


  • Automate your software or configuration deployments
  • Manage your security and vulnerabilities
  • Utilize advanced reporting by using performance analytics


16. Azure DevOps Server/Team Foundation Server (TFS)

* Looking for how to integrate Azure DevOps Server/Team Foundation Server with BuildMaster? It's right here.

Azure DevOps Server is a source code management platform that enables collaboration to share code and track work. This tool integrates with all the Azure DevOps services to work with your existing workflows. Azure DevOps Server can work on projects of all sizes and promotes cross functionality of teams.


  • Integrate with other Azure DevOps services to gain the full functionality of Azure DevOps
  • Collaborative code review within teams
  • Easily keep track of work with intuitive reports


17. ZipBoard

ZipBoard’s issue tracker improves feedback loops between teams and their clients. This feedback can then be translated into tasks that can easily be tracked. The tool's functionality gives teams a quick, easy way to get ideas to market.


  • Collaboration and project management give designers and developers the ability to work together on multiple projects
  • Online review and feedback to improve overall feedback and the time it is delivered so teams can make revisions as necessary to deliver ideas to market
  • Visual bug tracking gives teams the ability to easily find bugs and remediate any issues as they are reported


18. RedMine

RedMine is an open-source project management application that utilizes gantt charts, wikis, forums, and a variety of other features. The tool is written using Ruby on Rails framework.

Teams that use RedMine can manage multiple projects and files to ensure projects are completed on time. The tool helps to maximize support and minimize risk with releases.


  • Issue tracking system to scan and prevent bugs
  • Flexible role-based access control
  • Email notifications and issue creation


19. Jira

* Looking for how to integrate Jira with BuildMaster? It's right here.

Developed by Atlassian, Jira is a bug issue and tracking tool. This tool also helps with project management as well.

Jira allows teams to break down their work into easily manageable portions and assign them to the right people. Teams can also create a customized workflow for these projects to ensure they are done on time.


  • Utilize Scrum and Kanban boards to stay focused on delivering value
  • Roadmaps available to communicate plans and ensure teams are staying focused on the big picture
  • Agile reporting helps teams to have access to reports in real-time to assess performance


Inedo DevOps tools maximize developer time, minimize release risk and empower stakeholders to bring their vision to life faster. All with the people and technology you have right now. To get help streamlining your CI/CD process, contact us.


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