What is Chōwa?


Crista Perlton

Crista Perlton


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What is Chōwa?

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The most successful companies realize that starting a business and maintaining and growing it requires different skills, attitudes, and mindsets. The creativity and risk-taking required to push a business to the next level are nearly impossible in the traditional model of authoritarian micromanagement business culture.

Chōwa works to change this.

What is Chōwa?

Chōwa is written with the characters 調 (tone or tune) and 和 (peace or harmony), and roughly translates to “natural balance.”

At Inedo, the three pillars of Chōwa are Keikaku (planning), Shintaku (trust), and Kaizen (continuous improvement). Each pillar helps Inedoins (our staff and partners) and Inedo leadership work in sync across vast distances, mindsets, and languages. Each value emphasizes our dedication both to employee independence, openness, and business-level success.

Why Chōwa?

Inedo is entering a rapid growth phase and the change of pace requires a change in culture. Our founder and CEO, Alex Papadimoulis recognized that the skills he needed to start the business were not the same skills needed to grow the business. He embarked on a journey to develop the right culture to foster a safe space to encourage curiosity and spark inspiration. The result of his journey is “Chōwa, Inedo’s Business Culture of Balance.” Inedo has offices in the United States and Japan with plans to greatly expand our presence around the world.

Get the Chōwa Book

We will be explaining the various elements of Chōwa here on our blog and on our social media (TwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn). Subscribe to these channels and download your copy today to learn about Inedo’s unique cultural philosophy of Chōwa.

Crista Perlton

Crista Perlton