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BuildMaster DevOps Integrations

by Marisa Vesel, on Feb 19, 2019 1:45:00 PM

Many organizations are afraid of integrating DevOps automation because they don't want to disturb the processes that are already in place. The fear of a long transition period and resistance to change within the organization causes companies to continue using sub-optimal deployment processes. Inedo's BuildMaster combats this fear by integrating with tools you are already using.

Here are a few examples of how BuildMaster integrates with some of the most popular DevOps tools currently out there.

Continuous Integration (CI) Tools

Continuous integration is the practice of merging all working developers' copies of a build to a shared mainline. Continuous integration tools automate the build and merge process. There are many benefits of CI tools such as immediate feedback, increased transparency, and early identification and resolution of issues.

Images of TeamCity and Jenkins Company Logos

Jenkins and TeamCity are CI tools that integrate with BuildMaster. While these tools are great for automating builds, they aren't necessarily as good for automating the release. With both these tools, BuildMaster allows you to import build artifacts, apply the necessary approvals, conduct additional testing, and deploy the build to production. Software is built through the CI tool and released through BuildMaster using customized pipelines.

Cloud Services Platforms

Cloud computing is the process of storing, managing, and processing data on remote servers rather than local servers. Using the cloud allows resources to be shared and provisions to happen rapidly.

Images of Windows Azure and AWS Company Logos

Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure are both cloud services platforms that can be integrated with BuildMaster. This integration allows BuildMaster to communicate with the cloud service in order to deploy software into the cloud rather than on a local server.

Issue Tracking Tools

Issue tracking tools help identify and track issues throughout the entire deployment process until it is resolved.

Images of YouTrack, TFS, and Jira Software Company Logos

BuildMaster is able to integrate with Jira Software, TFS, and YouTrack. Integration with these tools allows you to track issues and ensure deployment only occurs after the issues are resolved.

Version Control Tools and Repository Hosting Tools

Repository hosting services allow large amounts of code to be stored on the web, either publicly or privately. They are often used for open-source projects.

Images of GitLab and GitHub Company Logos

Version control tools are a way to keep software systems with various versions and configurations organized.

GitLab and GitHub are version control and repository hosting tools that can be integrated with BuildMaster. When integration occurs, these tools become source control (tracking and managing changes to code) and issue-tracking tools. GitLab will be integrated into the release automation process, allowing issues to be identified and fixed before the deployment moves forward.


If we don't integrate with something you need, do not worry! You can write an extension that will best fit your needs using SDK. With the Inedo SDK, you can add or modify functionality and capabilities to our products.

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Integrating your current tools with BuildMaster can help make your processes more efficient and create a smoother deployment lifecycle.

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