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Private Packages and ProGet Transform Software Deployments

by Scott Reece, on Dec 15, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Abanca has been able to automate the delivery of 35 applications and projects, with consistency and security, through a modern "package-based" methodology.

They've also been able to create their own extensions that integrate with ProGet for internal deploying, JSON editors, and ways to extend the Visual Studio integrated internal development environment. With these extensions, and in light of their ambitious objectives, ProGet will continue to provide consistency and security across the many projects and applications Abanca plans to deploy.

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As a bank headquartered in and primarily operating within the European Union, Abanca, like all Spanish banks, is subject to the rules, regulations, and policies set forth by the EU. In 2007, the EU established the Directive in Payment Services (PSD). A revision to the PSD in August 2016 required banks to create an API of their software, due by mid-2017. This in turn kicked off Abanca's use of ProGet in the form of their internal "Morphe" project, a digitization of the bank.

In light of the fact that Abanca has many developers working on platforms for commercial and personal banking across multiple platforms in both .Net and Java, the Abanca architecture team researched and elected to adopt a modern, package-based methodology for packaging and deploying code. One of the obvious benefits of this methodology is that granting developers access to the vast community of third-party packages accelerates development. Coupled with a solid release process, this package-based methodology can lead to releasing better software faster and more reliably.

Of course, the package-based methodology isn't open and shut. Abanca had to address two subsequent challenges: for security reasons, a bank can't use public, third-party packages because of the risk of a feed going down or a package being deleted, so they'd have to internalize them (i.e., cache them locally in case of external outages). They also had to address the matter of hosting feeds for all of the different types of packages on disparate servers.

With these challenges in mind, but steadfast on using packages, Abanca's architecture team set out to find a Universal Package Manager that privatizes the package feeds for users. As a predominantly .Net shop, ProGet was a natural choice.

Read the full case study to explore the details of how Abanca was able to move past their challenges with ProGet.

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