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Best Cloud Automation Tools

by Marisa Vesel, on Nov 21, 2019 10:45:00 AM

Cloud automation refers to the processes and tools in an organization that are used to reduce the manual efforts associated with provisioning and managing cloud computing workloads.

Cloud automation increases security and saves IT teams both time and money. We have created a list of the best cloud automation tools currently available. This list is presented in alphabetical order.



From RedHat, Ansible is a suite of products to help organizations leverage powerful automation across all their teams. Ansible offers several cloud integrations.


  • Makes provisioning cloud infrastructures easy, regardless of the application environment
  • Offers capabilities for organizations to effectively deploy and manage infrastructure, such as cloud-native routing & networking and virtual private networks
  • Designed for multi-tier deployments and automates cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, and intra-service orchestration


Bunnyshell is a managed cloud automation SaaS solution that lets you launch and provision, deploy, monitor, scale, and maintain security. It's a paid tool that offers a free trial.


  • All the benefits of Saas cloud without the need for specialized, expensive sysadmins
  • Highly scalable for ease-of-use in companies of any size
  • Easily manage infrastructure and automate on multiple clouds, as Bunnyshell works on major infrastructure platforms like Google Cloud


CFEngine is a configuration management and automation framework, available as both open-source and commercial software.


  • Ensures compliance by automatically returning drifting servers back to their defined desired state and configuration
  • Automatically rolls out updates and changes to an organization’s infrastructure at scale
  • Automates deployments to ensure consistency and maximize uptime across applications and systems


Chef Automate is an all-encompassing DevOps dashboard to offer visibility to the entire organization; enabling cross-team collaboration with actionable insights for configuration and compliance.


  • Applies Continuous Delivery practices to repackaged legacy applications and deploys them to cloud-native environments
  • Reduces risk, increases speed, and improves efficiency by detecting and correcting security issues before a build is sent to production
  • Easily deploys artifacts on servers and container microservices using formats like Docker and Mesos.


Cloudify is an open-source tool utilized to transform network services and multi-cloud applications, connect branches, and break down silos within the organizations-at scale.


  • Automates the governance of cloud and network resources by offering centralized governance and control through network orchestration
  • Open-source architecture allows Cloudify to be seamlessly integrated into existing toolsets
  • Offers Agile processes by automating processes to prevent human configuration and security errors


Densify, previously called Cirba, is a cloud and container resource management solution that improves performance and stability through automation.


  • Reduces cloud spend by gathering detailed billing information and provides ways to better manage and reduce expenses
  • Addresses the challenge of optimizing resources by seamlessly integrating into an organization’s existing toolchain
  • Allows apps to find the optimal hybrid cloud resources to match their resource needs

Dynatrace Virtualization Monitoring

Dynatrace is a cloud monitoring tool that features an AI-powered platform providing AIOps, Digital Business Analytics, Digital Experience, Application Performance, and Cloud Infrastructure.


  • Provides full automation to effortlessly deploy applications and offers continuous auto-discovery and dependency mapping
  • Offers “Davis,” an AI-engine that analyzes billions of dependencies to provide precise answers
  • Extends cloud infrastructure monitoring to the virtual network, virtual infrastructure, and container orchestration layers to provide visibility and problem detection


Foreman is a lifecycle management tool designed for automating repetitive tasks, quickly deploying applications, and proactively managing servers; both on-premise and in the cloud.


  • Monitors host configurations, report statuses, and trends from services such as Puppet, Chef, Salt, and Ansible
  • Creates and manages instances in virtualization environments across private, public, and hybrid clouds
  • On-demand and automated provisioning via USB and network boot-ups and Foreman registration


Juju is an open-source cloud infrastructure application modelling tool that enables quick and efficient deployments at scale.


  • Offers dynamic configuration ability for services to be reconfigured or change relations on demand
  • Deploys applications to any private or public cloud
  • Provides pre-configured open source software for reusable and repeatable workloads


MicroFocus offers a cloud management platform for provisioning, cloud orchestration, cloud brokering, governance, and cloud deployments.


  • Features cloud-agnostic service designs that allow reusable services templates to be created and integrated with any cloud, container, or infrastructure
  • Enables quick and easy installs, scales, and upgrades through pre-integrated containers and microservices
  • Allows for the delivering of hybrid and multi-cloud services through a self-service portal is an open source multi-cloud management platform that helps streamline operations and optimize costs.


  • Optimizes resources by providing alerts about under-utilized machines and insights into burn rates
  • Provides a secure by platform by enforcing policies consistently
  • Offers a simple panel to control public & private clouds, containers, hypervisors, and bare metal


Puppet is a powerful automation tool for automating simple tasks and securing global infrastructure for hybrid and cloud-native estates.


  • Enforces compliance by automating infrastructure provisioning to adhere to security policies
  • Automates Continuous Deployment of applications to multiple cloud-native targets; even offers canary or blue/green deployments
  • Integrates with Splunk to automate compliance reporting at scale


Quattor is a system administration toolkit for the automated installation, configuration, and management of clusters, farms, grids, and clouds.


  • Offers validation features to catch configuration errors before a build is deployed
  • Allows for alternative implementations and integrations with existing site-specific tools
  • Scalable as needed, from tens of systems to thousands

Quest Cloud Manager

Quest Cloud Manager is an on-premises-to-cloud hybrid solution that simplifies cloud migration, management, security, and compliance.


  • Simplifies application and data protection by protecting cloud resources and minimizing storage requirements
  • Utilizes Toad to integrate with DevOps, optimize performance, automate routine tasks, and reduce risk
  • Automates patching of applications and operating systems


Rudder is an open-source continuous auditing and configuration tool used to help organizations better manage their IT infrastructure.


  • Offers an advanced reporting tool to log compliance data over time to make auditing easier
  • Integrates with several other DevOps tools to offer supervision, CMDB, deployment, security, and notification capabilities
  • Allows a server to be configured to only check the status of certain, critical or necessary configuration rules


Rundeck is an open-source tool used to help organizations run more efficiently and scale faster, all while maintaining security.


  • Creates automated runbooks to ensure the right people in the organization have access to the necessary operations procedures to complete their jobs
  • Enables faster incident resolution through the creation of standard operating procedures
  • Offers self-service capabilities to eliminate roadblocks and interruptions that usually cause delays in Ops work


SaltStack Enterprise offers powerful automation and orchestration for the entire IT team at scale.


  • Automatically detects vulnerable or misconfigured systems and ensures their quick correction
  • Delivers continuous compliance by utilizing closed-loop automation to ensure security
  • Uses automation to provision, deploy, and configure any infrastructure in any environment


Scalr is a hybrid cloud management platform that emphasizes greater security and productivity while keeping costs low.


  • Offers visibility and insights into financial reports to find where overspending is occurring
  • Utilizes intelligent automated workflows to create environments where users can move fast and with greater innovation, while staying within budget
  • Builds a hierarchical process to ensure provisioning goes through a layer of policy in the cloud that includes cost management, orchestration, permissions, and security

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