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Best Change Management Database Software

by Marisa Vesel, on Oct 29, 2019 1:30:00 PM

Change Management Database (CMDB) is a tool that organizations can utilize to track IT assets and the relationships between them. Benefits include logistical control, licensing compliance, and accurate ROI calculations. We've compiled a list of the best Change Management Database software available.

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Alloy Navigator

Alloy Navigator is CMBD software that helps organizations improve their cost, quality, and performance of IT services by providing superior decision-making power.  


  • Provides a repository of assets to offer in-depth visibility into how they are connected to one another
  • Increases IT success and minimizes company downtime by scheduling and communicating expected service interruptions effectively
  • Features automatic management approvals to allow for flexible multi-level sign-offs on changes

BMC Helix CMDB by BMC Software

BMC Helix is a power CMDB that acts as the single source of reference for all assets and services.  


  • Utilizes a KPI-driven user experience in order to provide the best quality data to the organization
  • Provides visual graphs of data so that relationships and dependencies are easily understandable
  • Integrates with other BMC Helix products in order to optimize the capabilities of individual products

BOSS Solutions Suite

The BOSS Solutions Suite provides all-encompassing ITIL service management both on-premise or on the cloud.


Boss Support Central (On-Prem)

  • Provides multiple services on a single portal to enhance the ease of launching service requests accessing vital information, speeding up ticket creation and minimizing errors
  • Keeps a comprehensive asset manage database that stores configuration records throughout their lifecycle, including information such as asset type, owner, location, and history of issues
  • Offers an effective incident tracking and ticket management solution that easily tracks service incidents and request throughout their lifecycle

BossDesk (on the Cloud)

  • Provides a customizable dashboard for each technician with a large number of widgets and KPIs that can be utilized to track efficiency and assist in service improvement initiatives
  • Follows a disciplined change management process in order to mitigate risks and improve organizational readiness for change
  • Eliminates incidents by ensuring that the root cause of the problem is determined and addressed


Canfigure is a flexible IT management solution designed for scalability through well-designed modules, growing number of assets, and expanding the user base at a pace best fit for the organization.


  • Reduces risk by supporting multiple levels of review and approval of all changes with full integration between asset and incident management
  • Supports service desk activities such as ticket creation, customer surveys, end-user self-service, and public portal facility
  • Automates “Request for Change” and itemizes servers due for patching using built-in dependency checks

CMS by Pointel

CMS by Pointel is a configuration management system that allows organizations to audit, notify, roll back, and migrate CC objects across regions


  • Enhances organizations' productivity by performing automatic, scheduled configuration server management
  • Ensures only authorized configuration server parameter modifications occur
  • Keeps a detailed log of changes that were made and provides various search criteria and export functionalities for reporting

Configuration Management Database by ServiceNow

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) by Service Now is a tool to help organizations effectively manage and improve their systems by knowing exactly what assets are in the IT environment and how they are configured.


  • Uses a single platform with common processes, standard taxonomies, and predetermined semantics, formats, and quality standards for shared data
  • Performs CI data quality control before uploading it to database
  • Provides powerful visualization and reporting capabilities so stakeholders can quickly identify configuration drift, unplanned changes, and incident history of their CIs


Device42 is an automated data center that provides accurate, comprehensive, and current insight into your computing environment.


  • Charts are automatically created to visually show the relationship between applications, hardware components, and facilities
  • Supports future capacity and growth planning by providing access to real-time configuration data for a better understanding of resources
  • Dramatically reduces the need for redundant or low-value data entry through auto-discovery, import tools, and third-party integrations


Fossil is a free and open-source, high-reliability, distributed software configuration management system.


Freshservice by Freshworks

Freshservice by Freshworks is an IT service desk that works to modernize IT through easy-to-use and simple-to-configure solutions in the cloud.


  • Allows the service desk to be gamified, creating an engaging and fun experience for agents
  • Provides a complete record of contracts, hardware, software, and assets, including the details from acquisition to expiry
  • Automates tasks and provides support for issues raised on multiple channels, including email, phone, and chat

ITOP by Combodo

ITOP is an open-source ITIL tool that offers a customizable CMDB to help control the technical, organizational, and human environment.


  • Customizable control screens so IT individuals can set the information that is relevant for them to see on their main page
  • Uses workflows to show the lifecycle of tickets and what tasks are needed to solve an issue
  • Offers a problem management module, compiling knowledge for common mistakes, to avoid repetition of incidents

SolarWinds Service Desk

SolarWinds Service Desk is an IT service management solution to help successfully manage employee services.


  • Utilizes a comprehensive service portal for users to have one place to submit service requests and tickets
  • Provides a fully integrated IT asset management system to compile hardware, software, and POs
  • Standardizes service requests and fulfillment processes


Virima is a set of three SaaS solutions to help organizations solve their toughest IT asset and service management problems. 


  • Discovery: utilizes an agentless platform to accurately discover the configurations of IT hardware
  • IT Asset Management: Provides automatic dependency mapping for total control of hardware assets, configuration changes, software licenses, and cloud environments
  • IT Service Management: Combines the features of Discovery + IT Management to be a complete hub for ITIL processes, project management, and service portal

vScope by InfraSight Labs

VScope by InfraSight Labs offers a search engine for an organization’s IT team.


  • Gives IT teams control by acting as a search engine for infrastructure, providing holistic to detailed views, and compiling information from all systems in one place
  • Offers easy reporting with ready-to-go reports and up-to-date content
  • Increases productivity through information sharing and follow-up scheduling

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