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Best Application Release Automation Software

by Marisa Vesel, on Sep 6, 2019 3:05:00 PM

Adopting Agile and streamlining releases requires finding the best application release automation software. There are many different platforms available. Although they all do the same thing, they each come with their own strengths and weaknesses that will make them a better or worse fit for individual teams.

Knowing which one will work best for an organization is important to getting the most out of DevOps processes and CI/CD pipelines.

We’ve put together a list of release management tools organizations should check out when considering which one to adopt for themselves.

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#1: Automic Release Automation

Automic Release Automation from CA Technologies is a tool utilized to drive Continuous Delivery across organizations for a variety of applications including cloud-native apps, core packaged apps, and legacy mainframe apps.


  • Allows for flexibility by combining multiple environments into a single blueprint to reduce delivery complexity
  • Ensures repeatable and reliable processes through object-oriented architecture and multi-tenancy
  • Allows for the rapid deployment of applications to any environment and easily scales from mobile to mainframe
  • Offers environment agnostic hardware to support Docker containers, physical hardware, and any cloud

#2: Electric Cloud CloudBees Flow

CloudBees Flow is a release orchestration IT DevOps tool from Electric Cloud. CloudBees Flow manages pipelines and environments to help eliminate release anxiety by increasing deployment automation efficiency.


  • Allows applications to be deployed to any environment at any scale
  • Creates a library of reusable application components in order to save time and drive standards
  • Saves time and reduces risk by detecting configuration drift and automatically deploying only what has changed
  • Provides a Kanban-view dashboard to help orchestrate all tools, teams, and processes to ensure organized promotion of releases across all stages

#3: GoCD

GoCD is a free and open-sourced Continuous Delivery tool used to easily model and visualize complex workflows.


  • Allows any good version of any application to be deployed at any time using manual triggers
  • Eliminates bottlenecks by providing parallel execution across pipelines, platforms, versions, and branches
  • Provides visibility into the workflow by utilizing GoCD’s Value Stream Map to easily track changes and see upstream causes and downstream effects of errors
  • Enables on-demand deployment that quickly and easily configures dependencies.

#4: BuildMaster

From Inedo, BuildMaster is an application release automation software that is utilized to release and deploy your applications reliably, to any environment, at whatever pace the business demands.


  • Releases on time (and not on personal time) by managing target dates, release notes, hotfixes, and rollbacks
  • Creates and manages build artifacts for any deployment target, from simple ZIP files to complex container orchestrations in the cloud
  • Deploys software to Windows or Linux servers, VMs, containers, Kubernetes clusters, cloud, mainframes, mobiles, or PaaS
  • Provides a full-fledged CI that features automated unit testing, integration with static analysis tools, and build reports

#5: LaunchDarkly

LaunchDarkly is a feature and release management platform that allows users to control the availability of application features to their clients.


  • Helps speed up the pace of software delivery by separating code deployments from future releases to allow users to deploy applications when they want and release when they are ready
  • Provides feature flags in order to create, organize, and maintain features to increase simplicity in teams to build, test, and release new features
  • Provides enterprise-grade architecture to increase speed, scale, and reliability for development teams of all sizes
  • Analyzes and tests experimental functionality and gathers data and impact on infrastructure to help you make data-driven decisions

#6: RapidDeploy

RapidDeploy by MidVision is a release automation, orchestration, and management tool that puts all resources into one place.


  • Provides a built-in scheduling system to easily organize deployments for an application on a per-environment bass and allows for the configuration of when a package will be deployed or made available
  • Creates deployment plans with options for manual interventions, triggers, calls, approval gates, and more
  • Designs project orchestrations with functionalities to customize task order and dependencies

#7: Octopus Deploy

Octopus Deploy is a DevOps deployment automation tool that easily orchestrates releases and deploys applications, on-premises or in the cloud. 


  • Complements your current continuous integration solution by integrating with the top CI tools 
  • Allows user-permissions, controlling who can deploy to production while keeping an audit archive 
  • Ensures deployments are consistent between environments by creating repeatable and reliable deployments from binaries 
  • Multi-tenant deployments creates a uniform application distribution to all users 

#8: Plutora

Plutora improves the quality and speed of application delivery by providing complete visibility into the software development lifecycle. It is an all-encompassing value stream management platform that combines Agile, DevOps, and measured outcomes to improve delivery, velocity, quality, and compliance.


  • Integrates with your existing application development stack to improve visibility, compliance, and collaboration
  • Gives you control over the entire lifecycle by providing release, test environment, and deployment management
  • Analyzes data throughout the application development process to help teams make data-driven decisions and solve problems faster

#9: UrbanCode Release

From IBM, UrbanCode Release helps users plan, execute, and track a release throughout every stage of the software development lifecycle, all while increasing collaboration.


  • Allocates environments by allowing users to track releases to environments in order to ensure code is deployed to the appropriate environment
  • Perform once-off task configurations and/or execute ongoing environment-specific processes
  • Allows a release-process checklist to be defined in order to ensure applications are not deployed until they are ready

#10: Release Orchestration

XebiaLabs’ Release Orchestration is a release management tool used to automate and orchestrate release pipelines at any scale.  


  • Provides visibility into your release pipeline through end-to-end release dashboards that can be customized to fit your information needs
  • Streamlines the entire software release pipeline with planning, automation, and analytics tools
  • Helps decrease the risk of release failures by identifying bottlenecks and detecting errors early in the process

Use a tool that you think should be added to the list? Feel free to  contact us, and we will look into adding the tool! We want to make sure this list is as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible.  

Inedo DevOps tools maximize developer time, minimize release risk, and empower stakeholders to bring their vision to life faster. All with the people and technology you have right now. To get help steamlining your CI/CD process, click here.    


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