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Azure DevOps Alternatives

by Marisa Vesel, on Sep 16, 2019 1:00:00 PM

Looking for a comparison between Azure DevOps and BuildMaster? It's right here.

Microsoft Azure DevOps is a cloud-computing service for the building, testing, deploying, and managing of applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers. While Azure may be good for some organizations, some may find it’s not the right fit.

To help you decide what’s best for your organization, we’ve compiled a list of tools that are Azure DevOps alternatives.

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BuildMaster is a tool from Inedo that provides Continuous Delivery for legacy monoliths to containerized software. Additionally, BuildMaster is a fully functional Continuous Integration tool that acts as a complete CI/CD tool for organizations.


  • Supports referencing or importing artifacts from other CI tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity, or Universal Repositories
  • Runs automated testing (including unit testing and UI tests) applications and notifies team members of failures
  • Creates and manages build artifacts for any deployment target, from simple ZIP files to complex container orchestrations in the cloud
  • Automates deployments and targets virtually any platform used by any application organizations


Bamboo is a continuous integration, deployment, and delivery tool from Ansible that allows users to automate builds, tests, and releases together in a single workflow.


  • Allows users to create multi-stage build plans and assign agents to critical builds and deployments
  • Runs parallel automated tests to catch bugs easier and faster
  • Offers per-environment permissions so that developers and QA are able to deploy to their own environments on demand while production stays locked down
  • Works to fullest potential when integrated with Bitbucket and Jira Software


CircleCI is a CI/CD tool able to operate in the cloud or on a private server. CircleCI is able to automate development processes quickly, safely, and at scale.


  • Offers first-class Docker support with the ability to run images from Docker’s public or private registries with the ability to build Docker images or access Docker laying caching
  • Allows users to have complete control over their development process by offering the ability to define and orchestrate how job execution is run
  • Supports any language that builds on Linux or MacOS and allows users the freedom to use any toolchain, framework, or version


*Looking for documentation to integrate Jenkins with BuildMaster? It's right here.

Jenkins is an open-source automation server that supports the building, deployment, and automating of any project. It is highly customizable and can meet unique user needs through hundreds of different plugins.


  • Distributes work across multiple machines in order to help drive builds, tests, and deployments across multiple platforms
  • Serves primarily as a Continuous Integration tool but offers the ability to be turned into a Continuous Delivery tool for any project
  • Features an active and large community that work to extend the capabilities of the Jenkins tool

Octopus Deploy

Octopus Deploy is a deployment automation server that orchestrates releases and deploys applications both on-premise and in the cloud. Octopus integrates with the top CI tools in order to complement your current toolkit as the CD component.


  • Automates deployments but allows for manual intervention when approvals or guided failures are needed
  • Deploys multiple copies of the same application for easy distribution to each end-customer
  • Features “Spaces” as a way to easily organize the Octopus Server to group projects and environments for each team


*Looking for how to integrate TeamCity with BuildMaster? It's right here.

TeamCity is a free enterprise-level CI/CD tool that features powerful Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. TeamCity offers unlimited users and unlimited builds with the ability to define up to 100 build configurations.


  • Offers built-in system maintenance and reports on Disk Usage, Build Time, and Server Health to help maintain a healthy and stable CI server
  • Offers flexible user management that includes the ability to assign user roles, sort users into groups, and log user actions
  • Features several different ways to reuse settings so that code duplication and settings duplications are decreased

Travis CI

Travis CI is a tool that makes it easy to test and deploy projects from GitHub. It also offers free testing for open source projects.


  • Supports over 30 different languages
  • Ensures that every pull request is tested before it is merged
  • Works closely with GitHub by allowing users to login to GitHub, test the project with Travis CI, and then push to GitHub

If you’re interested in switching from Azure to BuildMaster, please feel free to download a BuildMaster Free Trial to better explore the tool.



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