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by The Inedo Team, on Jul 15, 2021 10:54:28 PM

As one of the few Windows-first tool vendors, we get it. DevOps/automation is not easy on Windows. But it's getting better, and we would love to learn what kinds of …

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by Eric Seng, on Jul 15, 2021 5:35:49 AM

In the age of .NET5 and despite Microsoft's best efforts, Web Forms won't die. Certain fanatics are keeping the depreciated technology alive and kicking well past it’s “best before” date - and they claim it’s for good reasons. If I’m honest, my …

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by Crista Perlton, on Jul 14, 2021 5:49:21 AM

Are you getting absolutely everything you can out of your PowerShell scripts? If you’re not using Otter, a tool that helps you provision your servers and manage configuration, probably not …

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by Crista Perlton, on Jul 5, 2021 5:36:00 AM

Comment-Based Help (CBH) is the best and most effective tool to make the perfect PowerShell script. If you're not using Comment-Based Help, you're simply not getting everything out of your …

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