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What is "ProGet Edge Computing Edition" All About?

Chocolatey in the Enterprise: Privatization & Internalization

Are you safe from Malicious and Vulnerable Python Packages?

How to Choose Self-hosted Git Source Control for your Organization in 2022

ProGet 2022: Scanning and Blocking Vulnerabilities

Gitea: How to Painlessly Self-Host Your Organization's Source Code

ProGet 2022: What is Software Composition Analysis (SCA)?

Otter 2022 is here... and ProGet 2022 is right behind!

PyPI Package Dependencies and their unintended consequences

You Should be Using CI/CD Alongside Python

How to Automate Vulnerability Scanning for PyPI Packages

Python Management in the Enterprise for 2022

How to Easily Create a Custom Python GUI

Self-Contained Applications: Great Tool in .NET 6

Integrating CI/CD into Your Python Development

4 Filtering Practices for

Managing Python Dependencies with Requirements.txt

Identifying and Managing Vulnerabilities in Python Packages

What is a Source Server and How Does it Help Debug NuGet?

Two Migrating Methods for .NET Framework to .NET 6

Protect Yourself from Litigation due to Unexpected Python License Agreements

5 Best Practices for Versioning Your Python Packages

GitHub vs. CVE vs. NVD, What's the Best for NuGet Vulnerability Scanning?

How to escape Python Script Hell with Modules & Packages

Symbols and Symbol Packages, Explained

How to Vet and Approve PyPI Packages

Three Jobs Where Python is Vital

Python Environment Management Best Practices

Python Package Managers Explained

Best Authoring Practices for Creating Python Packages

8 Tips to Improve Your Python Scripts Immediately

One Great Alternative for Windows Workflow Framework

All the NuGet Metadata Fields You Should Ignore

How to Keep ASP .NET Web Forms Running Safely in .NET 6

NET 6: First with Long Term Support in New Series

NuGet License Expressions, Explained

Log4Shell Impact & Other High-Severity Vulnerabilities

Manage NuGet Dependencies With Lockfiles and Package Consumers

NuGet Server Comparison Guide for 2022

3 Charts Explaining .NET Long Term Support

4 Questions to Ask Before Migrating to .NET 6

4 FAQs about .NET LTS

Five Steps to Prepare for a .NET 6 Migration

5 Quick Tips for NuGet Versioning

Are Best Practices Ruining Your CI/CD NuGet Pipelines?

CEO Update: Inedo’s Company Roadmap for 2021½ and Beyond

Why Are Admins Afraid of PowerShell?

Two easy ways to Debug NuGet Packages and Edit Libraries

How to Filter Unwanted Packages from

What is Maven and How Does it Work With Jenkins?

PowerShell is a Waste of Time?

How to Create a Package Approval Workflow for NuGet

Understanding & Managing NuGet Package Vulnerabilities

4 Alternatives to Windows Workflow Foundation

Best Practices for Authoring Private NuGet Packages in the Enterprise

How to use CI/CD pipelines for your NuGet Packages

Best Practices for Versioning NuGet Packages in the Enterprise

How to Avoid Costly Lawsuits from Unexpected NuGet License Agreements

Will you Lose Team Members to Jenkins?

Can You Build a Continuous Delivery Pipeline in Jenkins? And Why You Probably Shouldn't.

Why You Shouldn't Store Build Artifacts in Jenkins

How to Safely Run PowerShell on 1000 Servers... without the risks of PS Remoting

Your Stupid PowerShell Script is Broken

Level Up Your PowerShell with ProGet

Migrating Webforms to Microservices

Not Everything Needs to be a PowerShell Script

What Were Your DevOps/Automation Challenges on Windows?

ASP.NET Web Forms... Forever!

Use Otter to Level Up Your PowerShell For Free

NuGet in the Enterprise, in 2021 and Beyond

Does Jenkins Scale? Nope! Here's 4 Reasons Why.

What is Comment Based Help and Why Your Scripts Need It

A Guide to NuGet & .NET in the Enterprise

Top 4 Reasons Digital Businesses are Moving to Edge Computing

Is Jenkins Really Free? The Costs of Low Visibility

The Best 3 Ways to Organize your PowerShell Modules in Source Control

How To Easily Set Up a Private NuGet Server For Your NuGet Packages For Free

3 Ways to Automate Deployment of Jenkins Artifacts

8 Best On-Prem Jenkins Alternatives for Continuous Integration

ProGet as Your Private PowerShell Module Repository or Gallery Proxy

Why is DevOps on Windows so Difficult?

How to Run Parameterized PowerShell Scripts with Otter

Can You Make Branches in Jenkins Projects?

Avoid the Disaster of Self-Service Jenkins

16 Jenkins Alternatives for Continuous Integration in 2021

Creating & Publishing Universal Package in ProGet

How to Escape PowerShell Module Hell

Jenkins vs. BuildMaster: a Comparison of CI and CI/CD

5 reasons why people hate Jenkins CICD

Building a Continuous Delivery Pipeline Using Jenkins

How to Publish PowerShell Modules to a Private Repository

Using PowerShell to Write PowerShell GUIs? You May Be Making a Mistake

Source Control: How to Version & Organize Your Scripts

How to Use Jenkins to Run Parameterized PowerShell Scripts

How PowerShell Modularization Can Get You Out of Script Hell

Jenkins Best Practices: How to Automate Deployments with Jenkins

The Perfect PowerShell Script

The Secret to PowerShell Testing for Leveled-up Teams

The Essential PowerShell Primer for 2021

Jenkins Terms Defined and Demystified

Gone But Not Forgotten: The Deprecated Technologies of .NET5+

Three basic principles that  protect your software supply chain from "dependency confusion" attacks

Converting Your Batch Script to PowerShell

Level Up Your Entire Team's PowerShell

5 Steps for Planning Your .NET 5 Migration

Tools for Estimating Your .NET 5 Migration

The .NET 5 Research Roadmap

Windows Workflow Foundation: Time to Move On?

Use CI/CD to Maintain Legacy Web Forms Applications

It Takes More Than .NET 5/6+ to Make WPF Current

Microservices in .NET 5/6+

Windows Communication Framework: Should You Leave?

Cluster Management in ProGet

Customer Spotlight: five°degrees does Fintech with ProGet

Decoding .NET 5/6+ Deployment Options for a CI/CD World

Here's How You Fight Micromanagement

Migrate Your NuGet Packages to .NET 5/6+ with CI/CD

Should You Skip .NET 5?

.NET 5/6+ Migration Strategies for Your NuGet Package Libraries

Web Forms in the Age of .NET 5/6+: Planning for the Long Term

It's Not a Bug – It's a Feature (or Can Be)

Demystifying Microsoft .NET Long-term Support (LTS)

Self-defeat and Pride: Surprising Synonyms

The Key to a Healthy Workplace

The Most Important (and Most Misunderstood) Part of Success

ProGet for .NET Core is here, and .NET 5 is coming!

Psychological Safety: Maintaining a Healthy Work Culture

What is .NET 5? What You Need to Know Before Migrating

How Will the .NET 5 Migration Impact You? Survey

Communicating Across Language Barriers

How to Increase Employee Investment

Continuous Improvement as a Marker of Success

GPL-3: Hidden Danger in Your Code

The 40-Hour Webpage (or Why Reporting Matters)

Responsibility and a Broken TV

Package Consumers: Where are Packages Actually Used?

Pulling the Andon Cord (Doesn't Make You a PITA)

Live Package Usage Scanning vs. Tracking Package Deployments

Tidy Up ProGet with Retention Rules

What is Chōwa?

Inedo Participates in Scrumfest Osaka

ProGet 5.3 Has Been Released

Offline Installation for the Inedo Hub

Helpdesk Hell, or Why Inedo's Support is Different

First-class Docker Support Now in BuildMaster 6.2

ProGet 5.3 Is Almost Here!

BuildMaster and WordPress: A Match Made in MarketingOps Heaven

Game-changing Application Templates in BuildMaster 6.2

What is an Inedoin? Or, Why Our People Make Our Organization

Simplified & Secured Containers - Webinar on April 1

Join Us for the Application Templates Webinar on March 19th at 3PM!

What the Heck is "High Availability" (and How Do You Explain It to Your Boss)?

DevOps For Enterprises

Manual Deployment Disasters

Mistakes to Avoid for Performance Testing in Continuous Integration

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Monitoring Configuration Drift

Risks of Not Integrating QA with DevOps

3 Ways Financial Service Institutions Will Fall Behind Without DevOps

Four Worst Slack Practices

Top 6 DevOps Trends of 2020

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Migrating to the Cloud

DevOps Satisfies Customers

Top 14 Best Hybrid Cloud Tools

Top Cloud Monitoring and Management Software Tools

The Unicorn Project Review

How to Mitigate Cloud Security Risks

Using Package Promotion for Quality Assurance

12 Best Cloud Migration Tools

Top 23 Source Code Repository Hosts

Container Management Tools

Best Cloud Automation Tools

Release Management Team Responsibilities

Hedgehog is Dead, Long Live BuildMaster

The Role of Quality Assurance in DevOps

5 Best Practices for CloudOps Success

Designing a Shift-Left Incident Response Plan

5 QA Best Practices for DevOps

Here's How ProGet Empowered Swiss Re to Instantly Deliver Packages to Internally Distributed IT Teams and Maintain 100% Consistency Between Servers

Best Tools to Support Kubernetes Cloud-Native Applications

Best Change Management Database Software

What's Hindering Database Teams from Embracing DevOps?

Configuration Management Plan ITIL

DevOps Issue Tracking Tools

Configuration Management Best Practices

Deployment Statuses by Release & Build Deployment API

7 Best Configuration Audit Tools

Top 50 Docker Tools

Automatic License Activation Not Working?

Microservices and Continuous Deployment

5 Blue/Green Deployment Best Practices to Improve Your Releases

15 Best IT Monitoring Tools and Software

How Do You Get DevOps and ITIL to Work Together?

5 Best Practices for DevOps in the Financial Services Industry

10 Best Slack DevOps Applications

Top 12 Infrastructure as Code (Iac) Tools in 2021

Automated Deployment Pipeline Best Practices

5 Release Management Best Practices

How Opcalim Achieved a 90% Reduction in Server Provisioning Times and a 97% Decrease in Deployment Times

DevSecOps Threat Modeling

Azure DevOps Alternatives

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