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5 AWS DevOps Services

by Marisa Vesel, on Sep 11, 2019 2:00:00 PM

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers many services to help organizations integrate DevOps tools into their workplace. AWS is currently very popular among DevOps organizations as it offers lots of different functions including provisioning and managing infrastructure to deploy application code to automating software release processes.

As AWS becomes more and more common in the DevOps sphere, we have compiled a list of AWS services and their benefits.

AWS CodeCommit

AWS CodeCommit is a fully managed source control service that hosts Git-based repositories. CodeCommit encourages teams to collaborate on code in a safe and scalable environment.

  • As a fully managed service, it eliminates the need to host, maintain, back-up, or scale your own source control servers. AWS CodeCommit automatically scales as a project grows
  • Encourages collaboration through default code reviews and feedback, controlling who can make changes to certain branches
  • Increases the speed and frequency of the development lifecycle by keeping repositories close to various environments in the AWS cloud
  • Works with existing Git tools and supports Git commands in order to seamlessly integrate into your existing toolchain

AWS Config

AWS Config is a service that allows users to assess, audit, and evaluate the configuration of AWS resources. Config helps protect against configuration drift by continuous monitoring of states and simplifies the process of compliance auditing, security analysis, change management, and operational troubleshooting.

  • Continuously monitors and records configuration changes in AWS resources and provides notifications if a change from a defined state is detected
  • Simplifies operational trouble shooting by identifying the root cause of configuration changes by archiving a comprehensive history of AWS resource configuration changes
  • Provides an enterprise-wide view of compliance status across accounts for easy identification of non-compliance
  • Helps users identify the root cause of configuration changes by archiving a comprehensive history of AWS resource configuration changes to simplify troubleshooting of operational issues
  • Maintains compliance across the organization by offering the compliance status across the entire enterprise, all located in one central dashboard, and providing details on non-compliant accounts

aws configuration drift

AWS CodeBuild

AWS CodeBuild is a fully managed Continuous Integration service that scales continuously and is able to process multiple builds at the same time. Using CodeBuild, users are charged by the minute for compute resources used.

  • CodeBuild requires no software to be installed or managed, which eliminates the need to set up, patch, update, or manage build servers and software
  • Avoids having builds waiting in a queue by immediately processing each build submitted and running separate builds concurrently
  • Easily integrates into existing CI/CD workflows or is able to be used in combination with other AWS services to automate software release workflows for Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Adds a level of safety by allowing user-specific permissions to be assigned to build projects

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda allows code to be run without needing servers to be provisioned or managed. Users are only charged for compute time consumed. There is no charge when code is not running.

  • Eliminate admin work while maintaining high availability via built-in code scaling
  • Trigger-based auto-scaling keeps application use in line with workload
  • Call code directly from web/mobile apps or trigger it from other AWS services

AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation provides a common language to describe and provision all the infrastructure resources in an organization’s cloud environment.

  • Text file infrastructure modeling standardizes components, easing the compliance and troubleshooting burden
  • Iterate resource provision, eliminating the need for manual action or custom scripts when spinning up infrastructure
  • Enables IaC, so users can utilize any code editor, check code into any version control system, and review files with team members before deploying into production
  • Allows entire infrastructure to be modeled as a text file, which standardizes infrastructure components across the organization to configure compliance and troubleshoot issues faster.
  • Provision resources in a safe, repeatable manner to allow users to build and rebuild infrastructure and applications without needing to perform manual actions or write custom scripts.
  • CloudFormation allows infrastructure to be treated as code so users can utilize any code editor, check code into any version control system, and review files with team members before deploying into production.

locking security with permissions and access control


AWS services enhance toolchains by seamlessly integrating into pre-existing pipelines. They can be used with Inedo’s tools to maximize developer time, minimize release risk, and empower stakeholders to bring their vision to life faster. All with the people and technology you have right now.

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