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12 Best Cloud Migration Tools

by Nikki Gannon, on Dec 5, 2019 1:00:00 PM

Moving to the cloud can feel like too much hassle. With all of the moving parts that go into cloud migration and the worry of downtime, teams struggle with where to start and begin to feel overwhelmed. However, teams don’t have to worry about these things if they use cloud migration tools to help them throughout their cloud migration process. 

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1. AWS Migration Services

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AWS Migration Services quickly and securely migrates databases to AWS. This tool is designed to minimize downtime for applications that rely on the database.

Users of AWS Migration Services don’t require any changes to the source database, and they have to install any drivers or applications. The tool can also continually monitor and target databases and, if there is an interruption, automatically restart.


  • Executes homogeneous and heterogeneous database migrations
  • Performs continuous data replication for multiple use cases
  • Can migrate data into and out of the cloud for development reasons


2. Azure Migration Tools

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Azure Migration Tools create an Azure migration central hub so teams can start, execute, and track their migration. The tool provides an extensible and flexible approach by using assessment and migration tools to streamline your migration process.

Azure Migration Tools utilizes end-to-end progress tracking for your database and server migrations. The tool provides a central hub for on-premises migrations.


  • Extensible and flexible to streamline your migration
  • Integrate with tools for your workloads to help track and manage migrations
  • Maintain compliance with your migrations


3. Carbonite Migrate

Carbonite Migrate is another tool that helps teams easily move between clouds and platforms. This tool understands that data migration can be risky and may result in downtime and data loss.

Carbonite Migrate decreases the risk of data migration by establishing a structured and repeatable process for data migration. Teams can also innovate easily with the tool to ensure that their workloads are running on the right platform.


  • Migrate workflows between physical, virtual, or cloud-based environments
  • Minimal downtime with almost immediate failover in case there’s an emergency
  • Exceptional technical and customer support


4. Corent SurPaaS

Corent SurPaaS helps teams package applications that can then be delivered on software as a service to customers. The tool allows users to optimize their operations by balancing workloads and leveraging business opportunities.


  • Use a few easy steps to transform applications into SaaS applications
  • Manage each application environment using Tenancy Models
  • Monitor tenants no matter where they are deployed to effectively manage the application lifecycle


5. Google Migration Services/Velostrata

Velostrata, now known as Migrate for Compute Engine, is a migration tool that dramatically improves cloud migration capabilities. The tool is designed to improve migration agility and reduce risks associated with migrations.


  • Built-in testing for validation before migration
  • On-premise rollbacks that allow teams to feel secure in case errors occur
  • Real-time streaming for running workloads and migrations


6. Micro Focus PlateSpin Migration Factory

Micro Focus PlateSpin Migration Factory is a data center transformation platform that accelerates server migrations and reduces errors with a high degree of automation. The tool also creates a cohesive plan in which migrations can be executed and utilizes integration testing for the security of your migrations.


  • Integrated testing for every server migration job
  • Automates assessment, planning, testing, and migration for data center migrations
  • Live transfer allows you to migrate active servers without taking them offline


7. Turbonomic

Turbonomic offers a hybrid cloud automation platform that monitors and optimizes workloads. The tool can deal with complex hybrid clouds by using straightforward intelligence across the operation phases.

Turbonomic uses visual components such as mapping resource consumption so teams can see what is going on with their data and when anything occurs. This helps to boost infrastructure utilization and extend the scope of their data centers.


  • Get visibility into all workflows using visual tools
  • Boost compliance using a propriety policy engine
  • Define new policies for operational and business needs


8.VMware/CloudHealth Technologies

VMware is a cloud migration platform that also acquired CloudHealth Technologies. Due to the acquisition, the platform has expanded its cloud migration capabilities that will attract more users to their cloud migration tools.

VMware uses reporting and analysis to align infrastructure with business objectives. Teams can also put policies into place to ensure that performance and configuration of infrastructure are being properly executed.


  • Track and report data center information to ensure migrations are beneficial
  • Set infrastructure policies in place to ensure proper configurations are in place
  • Align metrics and reporting that fit business objectives


9. Cloudscape

Cloudscape helps teams to identify the first steps towards cloud migration by getting an understanding of their business’s data and how to best organize it. The tool shows how data is scattered within organizations, so teams know what applications to move, what cloud provider to use, and much more.

Cloudscape uses planning and analysis to simplify cloud cost models for organizations. This tool gives teams complete visibility into the cloud lifecycle so they can make informed business decisions.


  • Define the difference between usage-based and inventor-based pricing and optimize price modeling using illustrated charts
  • Utilize cloud and data center workload sizing with spreadsheets to have more effective IT infrastructure management
  • Infrastructure Product Lifecycle Reports provide a detailed analysis to properly size workloads and eliminate wasted time on manual modeling


10. ScienceLogic

ScienceLogic is an automated cloud migration platform that gives teams full visibility into their cloud migration process. The tool has a friendly user interface that helps teams to analyze large amounts of data.

ScienceLogic helps teams to establish a baseline understanding of their business operations so they can effectively classify and monitor their systems.


  • Monitor the performance of your applications, services, and other resources no matter where they reside
  • Manage the relationships between your storage environments and infrastructure components
  • Monitor the health of your applications so you can ensure that any risks are quickly identified


11. AppDynamics

AppDynamics is an application performance monitoring solution that provides real-time monitoring of your applications. This helps to ensure the health and security of your applications by quickly detecting issues so they can be resolved.


  • Monitor business performance using visual revenue paths
  • End-user monitoring to evaluate performance to deliver effective customer support
  • Complete infrastructure visibility to manage your network and containers


12. Dynatrace

Dynatrace is an application monitoring platform designed to serve businesses of all sizes. This tool uses big data to help teams discover the answers to optimize their processes.

Dynatrace is capable of using baseline performance metrics to help teams improve their applications. In doing so, this allows teams to quickly detect issues and spot the cause of where they came from.


  • Automated deployments to make the process effortless and implement a dynamic architecture
  • Use a single platform to monitor your entire stack
  • End-to-end visibility to monitor your application performance


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