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10 Best Slack DevOps Applications

by Marisa Vesel, on Sep 27, 2019 10:00:00 AM

The best Slack DevOps applications enable a collaborative DevOps culture. This is because Slack allows transparency and visibility between teams and ensures everyone is on the same page regarding a build. Additionally, Slack also offers integrations with popular DevOps tools that will send notifications directly to Slack channels. This keeps everyone in the loop in real-time and reduces the need for individuals to remember to notify team members about developments.

To help teams use Slack to its fullest potential, we have compiled a list of the best applications for DevOps.

a team using a Slack channel for communication


* Looking to see how GitHub integrates with BuildMaster? It's right here.

GitHub is an open-source tool that provides hosting for software development control using Git. It helps developers discover, share, and build better software.


  • Offers built-in review tools to make code review an essential part of teams’ processes
  • Utilizes Pull Requests to encourage conversation about building better code; pull requests create a place to assign tasks, discuss details, and conduct reviews
  • Allows repositories to be configured to require status checks in order to reduce human error and administrative overhead

Integration with Slack:

The GitHub Slack integration allows Slack to receive automatic updates about activities such as new commits, new pull requests, new issues, code reviews, and deployment statuses. This integration also allows work to be done on GitHub directly from the Slack channel using slash commands to close and reopen existing issues and pull requests, as well as open new issues using Slack dialog.

Inedo’s BuildMaster

BuildMaster is a Continuous Delivery tool that lets you release your software reliably, to any environment, at whatever pace the business demands. In addition to being a powerful CD tool, BuildMaster also offers fully-functioning Continuous Integration.


  • Enforces the full CI/CD pipelines with gated issue tracking integration, manual user approvals, deployment windows, and automated checks
  • Helps developers release on time (not on personal time) by managing target dates, release notes, hotfixes, and rollbacks
  • Deploys software to Windows or Linux servers, VMs, containers, Kubernetes clusters, cloud, mainframe, mobile, or PaaS
  • Offers full-fledged CI that features automated unit testing, integration with static analysis tools, and build reports

Slack channel being used to receive notifications from BuildMaster

Integration with Slack

The Slack BuildMaster integration  pushes notifications of deployments to a Slack channel. This is a useful integration as members of teams can receive real-time updates on successful or failed deployments and use the Slack channel for any discussion surrounding the deployment.

Jira Cloud

* Looking for how Jira integrates with BuildMaster? It's right here.

Jira Software is a project management tool for Agile teams. The software allows users to plan, track, release, and report on builds, increasing visibility and communication between teams.


  • Utilizes Kanban boards to give teams full visibility into tasks that need completed
  • Works as a powerful bug and issue tracker to ensure builds are fixed before sending them to production
  • Offers over a dozen out-of-the-box reports to provide teams with real-time insights about teams’ performances

Integration with Slack:

Recently, Atlassian formed a strategic partnership with Slack. The Slack Jira Cloud integration keeps everyone in sync, and provides updates on tasks, stories, and requests from channels. Additionally, the integration provides issue previews and filtering capabilities.  

Jenkins CI

* Looking for how to integrate Jenkins with BuildMaster? It's right here.

Jenkins is an open-source automation server that can build, deploy, and automate any build. 


  • Offers hundreds of customizable plugin options to meet individual user needs
  • Acts as a powerful CI server or Continuous Delivery tool for any project
  • Distributes work easily across multiple machines to help drive builds, tests, and deployments across multiple platforms

Integration with Slack:

The Jenkins Slack integration posts build notifications directly onto a Slack channel.

Azure Pipelines

* Looking for how Azure integrates with BuildMaster? It's right here.

Azure Pipelines is a Microsoft tool that helps developers continuously build, test, and deploy to any platform or cloud.


  • Builds and pushes images to Docker registries such as Docker Hub and Azure Container Registry
  • Features crowd-sourced build, test, and deployment tasks to easily extend capabilities
  • Supports YAML, test integration, release gates, and reporting for easy and multi-phased builds

Integration with Slack:

The Azure Pipelines Slack integration allows for the easy monitoring of events in pipelines. The integration allows users to set up and manage subscriptions for completed builds, releases, and pending approvals.

Azure DevOps

* Looking for how Azure integrates with BuildMaster? It's right here.

Azure DevOps, formally known as Visual Studio Team Services, is a suite of tools from Microsoft that allows users to create software smarter, faster, and with more collaboration.


  • Offers five different DevOps tools from a CI/CD tool to a testing tool to a package-hosting tool
  • Allows the tools to be used together or separately to best fit company needs
  • Offers extensions with over 1000 other apps and services for highly customizable tools

Integration with Slack:

The Azure DevOps Slack integration allows code check-ins, pull requests, work item updates, and build events to show up directly in a team’s Slack channel.

Circle CI

Circle CI is a CI/CD tool with a number of features to help organizations automate their development process quickly, safely, and at scale.


  • Gives users complete control over the development process by allowing jobs to be defined and orchestrated
  • Offers first-class Docker support with the ability to run and build Docker images
  • Provides expanded caching options to speed up builds and help users gain control over cache save

Integration with Slack:

The Circle CI Slack integration allows Slack to receive real-time notifications whenever a build is finished. Additionally, the integration displays passed and failed builds, the commits that triggered the build, and the team member who pushed the code to GitHub.

Travis CI

Travis CI is a tool allowing users to test and deploy GitHub projects in minutes. It’s primarily used by open-source companies.


  • Allows users to sign into their GitHub account, test a project with Travis CI, and then push to GitHub
  • Ensures every Pull Request is tested before it’s merged
  • Supports most platforms natively by offering pre-installed databases and services

Integration with Slack:

The Slack Travis CI integration allows users to receive notifications in Slack for normal branch builds and for pull requests.


* Looking for how GitLab integrates with BuildMaster? It's right here.

GitLab is a robust DevOps tool providing a Git-repository for project planning, source code management, CI/CD, and issue-tracking through an open-source license.


  • Provides a DevOps score so organizations can receive insights and identify areas of improvements in their processes
  • Allows for expressive communication through awarding emojis in issues, merge requests, and more
  • Ensures high-quality code by allowing a minimum of users to approve a merge request to be set

Integration with Slack:

The GitLab Slack integration sends notifications from GitLab about various events directly to a Slack channel.


OpsGenie is an incident management tool to help organizations stay in control during incidents.


  • Integrates with monitoring, ticketing, and chat tools to ensure critical alerts are never missed
  • Provides reports to help organizations gain insight into areas of success and opportunities for improvement
  • Acts as an on-call management system so someone is always on-call and accountable for handling incidents

Integration with Slack:

The OpsGenie and Slack integration sends critical alerts directly to a Slack channel. In addition, users can acknowledge, close, and assign alerts directly from the Slack channel.

Create Your Own

Slack also offers users the ability to create their own Slack DevOps app with any functionality needed. This allows users and the Slack community create bots, apps, and integrations to optimize Slack.

Slack Integrations Aid DevOps

Slack integrates with the most popular DevOps currently on the market today. Check out the Slack integrations page to see if it works with the tools you’re already using.

Inedo DevOps tools maximize developer time, minimize release risk, and empower stakeholders to bring their vision to life faster. All with the people and technology you have right now. To learn more about how Inedo can help you with Slack and other DevOps tools and processes, subscribe to our blog.



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